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Rishon LeẔiyyon, Central District, Israel

Gil Fink

CEO and Senior Consultant

Gil Fink is a web development expert, Microsoft MVP and sparXys CEO. He is currently consulting for various enterprises and companies, where he helps to develop web based solutions. He conducts lectures and workshops for individuals and enterprises who want to specialize in web development. He is also co-author of several Microsoft Official Courses (MOCs) and training kits, co-author of "Pro Single Page Application Development" book (Apress), co-organizer of GDG Rashlatz Meetup and AngularUP conference.

Current sessions

Building Reusable JavaScript Web Components

In this one day workshop you will learn how to build Web Components using Web Components standard, Polymer and Stencil.

At Your Service (Worker)

Do you want to speed up your web app or make it work offline? Service worker is an execution context that runs separately from JavaScript main thread and act as network proxy. In offline scenarios combining service worker with IndexedDB can help to maintain your data and later on sync it to the server. In this session you will learn what are Service Worker and IndexedDB, how to use them and how to incorporate them in your web app to store live data.

Stencil: The Time for Vanilla Web Components has Arrived

Web development changed dramatically during the last years. With the enormous amount of JavaScript libraries and the new HTML5 standard, today it is much easier to create web apps. When building a web app, you will probably want to reuse some of the web components you built. But how can you do that with the current state of HTML?
One of the new and emerging web standards is Web Components. The Web Components standard enables you to create reusable web components that include HTML, CSS and JavaScript. On the other hand, crafting raw components can be cumbersome. This is were Stencil comes into place. In this session you will get familiar with Stencil, a compiler that generates standard-complaint Web Components.

Who’s Afraid of Front-End Databases?

IndexedDB is a full-blown database that is hosted inside your browser. In data driven scenarios it can help you to persist your data inside your front-end. IndexedDB can also help you to persist data in mobile web disconnected environments and later on the data will be available for synchronization to the server. In this session you will learn what is IndexedDB, how to use it and how to incorporate it in your Angular apps.

Profiling JavaScript Like A Pro

As front-end developers we strive to build fast and fluid web apps. But how can you find performance problems? How do you profile a web app?
In this session you will get to know how the browser works. Then, you will learn how to use that information to profile web apps.

Help! My memory is leaking

As web developers, we strive to build fast and robust web apps and web servers. But sometimes we unintentionally create memory leaks, which later on become a big issue that might even crash our app or server.
In this session you will learn how to detect memory leaks both in the front-end and in Node.js.