Gill Walker

Gill Walker

Your CRM Success Catalyst

Sydney, Australia

Through hugely informative and entertaining keynotes and workshops, Gill shows how to ensure your CRM enables you to gain and retain the clients you serve best.

Her audiences gain extraordinary value as she shows them how to get the most out of their CRM investment. Although Gill is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, her work is not software specific. She takes her in-depth knowledge to a wider set of principles and processes so you can monetise and measure the value of your CRM, making it a highly profitable part of your business.

Gill’s work inspires and excites customer facing people to use their CRM to improve their revenue, managers discover easier ways to strategise, and technical staff relish the opportunity to contribute to the bottom line.

Gill’s aim for any audience is for everyone to leave with an understanding of how to ensure that their CRM is a key factor in their success

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management


  • Unpacking the Mystery of CRM Success
  • Leading a CRM Transformation
  • Are You Making the Most of YOUR Most Valuable Asset?
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of CRM Education
  • Security is the Chief Enemy of Mortals
  • ClickDimensions
  • Breaking the Barriers of Marketing Automation with ClickDimensions

The Importance of Education in Successful Change Management

Change Management is how you ensure that you Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution achieves adoption and becomes integrated into the fabric of the organisation. This requires changing people's habits towards the new solution. In turn this requires an understanding of what is now expected, and WHY this is beneficial both to the individual and, less so, to the organisation. This requires education, and more broadly than simply training.

Success in Microsoft Dynamics 365 exams

We are all under pressure to increase our certifications. However, there are good ways and bad ways to achieve success in Microsoft Dynamics 365 exams.

In this session Gill Walker will show you how to go into an exam with confidence.

While this session will focus on success in Microsoft Dynamics 365 exams, many of the tips are applicable more widely, event o non-technical exams.

Education is a key part of project success. Education is more - far more - than end-user training

Education is widely misunderstood. Even training is often side-lined in projects.

In this session Gill Walker will take questions from anyone involved in the education side of a Azure or Dynamics or similar LOB (line of business) software project.

If you are involved in designing, planning or delivering education or training, come to this session to ask and learn

Scoping your Dynamics 365 Project for Success

What do you need to do to set up your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project for Success?

Whether you are using the waterfall or agile approach to your project, knowing what you will deliver is essential for success – and sometimes to quote your client for the work! When this is not done, or not done adequately, you run the risk of being greeted with many unpleasant surprises as you move through the project.

In this session, Gill Walker (MCT, Most Trusted CRM Expert 2022, by Influential Businesswoman Awards) will take you through a process that will give you the foundation for your development, testing and training as well as success with your customer.

Gill will share with you a methodology for having the correct conversations with your client’s stakeholders to get the information – and a consensus requirement from the organisation, rather than a plethora of individual wants and desires.

Seven Sins of Dynamics 365 Training

A Dynamics 365 project can make you $millions or cost you $millions.

Training is key to ensuring project success. This session shows how to keep your project ‘in the black, not the red’.

This presentation, shows you how to ensure that your D365 training contributes to your project success - rather than its failure!

You will understand why these commonly encountered mistakes cause the problems that they do, and how to avoid them in your projects.

Security is the Chief Enemy of Mortals

In 'Security is the Chief Enemy of Mortals', Gill Walker travels through the Dynamics 365 security challenges, the moving parts of its security and gives us some tips to survive the traps of setting up a security model within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The requirements of a solution that provides models that protects sensitive data and enables collaboration, at first glance seems impossible. But Microsoft Dynamics 365 Power Platform provides us with this - and in a way that meets the needs of small businesses, large businesses and franchises.

While the building blocks - business units, security roles, users and teams - are pretty simple, creating a security model that meets a specific client's needs is not easy. There are many traps to be avoided.

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Gill Walker

Your CRM Success Catalyst

Sydney, Australia

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