Gisli Olafsson

Gisli Olafsson

CTO, One Acre Fund

CTO One Acre Fund. Former Emergency Response Director NetHope.

Current sessions

Crossing the Digital Divide to Enable Localization

COVID and the increased drive for decolonization and localization of the humanitarian and development sectors have shown us that we must cross the digital divide that exists between NGOs from the Global South and the INGOs from the Global North.

Technology Superheroes

The chairs of the NetHope Africa and Middle East Chapters offer their perspective as ICT leaders in the field on the changing approach of delivering IT solutions in the field.
Working with Proteus, the chairs will discuss building skills to shift away from being a 'technology hero' - or one who simply takes demands to deliver IT solutions. And instead, adopting a collaborative model to build a shared vision with key stakeholders in the organization that aligns with the business priorities.
Hear and learn about their journey from heroes to leaders - delivering outcomes instead of solutions during a time of crisis.

Transformation in Times of Crisis

Crisis are what happens when you are busy making other plans. Digital transformation in the midst of crisis requires strong leadership from the technology division. What are some of the key things to think about when a crisis hits, what are some of the opportunities it creates for driving forward digital transformation and what are some of the lessons learned from recent crisis?