Giulio Vian

Information & Communications Technology

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Carlow, Leinster, Ireland

Giulio Vian

Senior DevOps Engineer, Microsoft MVP

Mr. Giulio Vian is a multi-disciplinary software engineer with strong experience on production environments and extensive experience of enterprise contexts. Currently works at Unum helping teams in succeeding on their Digital Transformation initiatives.
Speaker at international conferences, he was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional on Azure DevOps category in the last five years.

Giulio Vian

Senior DevOps Engineer, Microsoft MVP

Lavora nell'informatica sin dalla gioventù, rovinato dalla TI-57 e approdato a DevOps.
Lunghi anni di consulenza sulle tecnologie Microsoft, gli han permesso di toccare realtà diverse in molti campi, ma nonostante le dicerie è ancora in grado di scrivere codice funzionante sia usando VI che senza.
Riconosciuto da Microsoft come Most Valuable Professional (MVP), fa parte dei ALM | DevOps Rangers, partecipa a community come GetLatestVersion e presenta all'occasione il suo punto di vista ad eventi perché, in fondo, ama vedere le persone crescere e chiacchierare di cose serie.

Current sessions

How's relevant JMeter to me? EN

How do compare Visual Studio Web & Load Test with JMeter? Can I replace one with the other? How hard is this open-source tool? Do I need to install and/or learn Java?

We will answer these questions and more with a practical introduction, exploring:
- Basics of JMeter
- Recording
- Collecting and analyzing results
- Tokens and parametrization
- Scenarios and distributions
- Setting up a test rig

Automate from the start EN

It all starts as Continuous Integration, then Continuous Delivery, then Infrastructure as Code, then your Pipeline infrastructure, then... everything? Often people says that it is not worth to automate something that you do only once: it has to be a repetitive activity to be convenient.
Is it true? Let's see review the common wisdom and discuss some provoking thoughts to conclude that, probably, you must automate always...

How to write cloud-agnostic Terraform code EN IT

Terraform is a beautiful tool we all love; it is multi-cloud, meaning you can write code to provision resources from all major and many minor cloud providers. Sadly the code you write is vendor specific as resource descriptions are not portable between providers.
What if your boss or customer wants a cloud-agnostic solution? Do you need an external tool or Terraform language is rich enough to allow cloud-agnostic code?
I stand that 0.12 is so powerful that you can create provider-agnostic modules and write code that works the same in GCP, AWS and Azure.

Multi-cloud Terraform EN IT

Terraform è uno strumento meraviglioso amato da molti; è multi-cloud, il che significa che è possibile scrivere codice per il provisioning delle risorse da tutti i principali fornitori di cloud e da molti minori. Purtroppo il codice è specifico per un cloud in quanto le descrizioni delle risorse non sono portabili tra i fornitori diversi.
Cosa succede se il tuo capo o cliente desidera una soluzione che lo svincoli da uno specifico cloud? Hai bisogno di uno strumento esterno o il linguaggio Terraform è abbastanza ricco da consentire del codice cloud agnostico?
Io ritengo che la versione 0.12 di Terraform sia così potente da permettere la creazione di moduli indipendenti dal provider e scrivere codice che funziona allo stesso modo su GCP, AWS e Azure.

Azure Pipelines: the tool to release to Azure and more EN IT

Azure Pipelines is the best complement to the developer who wants to release his programs to Azure and more.
Few know that you can also use Azure Pipelines with GitHub, Bitbucket, Subversion, GitLab, TFS and, surprise, also for releasing to AWS.
In this session you will receive a gentle introduction to Azure Pipelines and how it fits into an existing and complex business context.

Azure Pipelines: il miglior strumento per rilasciare in Azure e non solo EN IT

Azure Pipelines sono il miglior complemento dello sviluppatore che desideri rilasciare i suoi programmi in Azure e non solo.
Non molti sanno che potete usarle anche con GitHub, Bitbucket, Subversion, GitLab, TFS e, sorpresa, anche per rilasciare in AWS.
In questa sessione avrete una gentile introduzione ad Azure Pipelines e a come si colloca in un contesto aziendale esistente e complesso.

Use SQL Server for Linux and Docker to streamline your test and schema migration processes EN IT

SQL Server for Linux opens a new world of possibilities for testing SQL Server database code in ways that were hardly thinkable before.
Let's explore some options like:
- Resetting database to a known state between tests
- Test multiple configuration variants
- Run integration tests in the CI pipeline
- Test schema migrations
- Attach big databases by running containers in the cloud

Usare SQL Server for Linux e Docker per semplificare i processi di testing EN IT

SQL Server per Linux apre un nuovo mondo di possibilità per testare il codice SQL in modi che prima non erano pensabili.
Esploriamo alcune opzioni come:
- Ripristinare il database ad uno stato noto tra un test e l'altro
- Provare più varianti di configurazione
- Eseguire test di integrazione nella pipeline CI
- Test delle migrazioni dello schema
- Attach di grossi database eseguendo i container nel cloud

Use Azure DevOps to deploy on AWS EN

A consultant has to know and work with multiple clouds, but you want to use your favourite pipeline tool, Azure DevOps of course! We will see what you can do after installing the "AWS Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services" (sic) extension, how to manage some typical requirements like managing configuration data and secrets, a few caveats and traps.
Hope you will be pleased to discover that you can do everything you need in your pipelines with a little effort and care.

Pipeline your pipelines (automate your automation)! EN

It all started as Continuous Integration: you were able to build code in an automated and predictable way (and maybe run some tests too); then Continuous Delivery, and you automated deployments.
Now is time to automate your pipeline infrastructure: why installing and configuring your agents by hand, waiting for Visual Studio setup to finish (through many reboots) to finally tick the workloads you need?
Come and see how to use Docker to script your agents and Terraform to setup your hosts: more power to the code!

Top 10 pipeline mistakes EN

People often learn most by observing what not to do, rather than what to do.
In this session I will share the most common errors I encountered in my experience, so you can avoid driving into most potholes and accelerate your DevOps journey.

Past and future events

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