Glenn Anderson

Glenn Anderson

Professional Public Speaker

Chicago, Illinois, United States


Glenn Anderson is a professional public speaker. Glenn helps teams effectively communicate and collaborate. His presentations and webinars combine decades of corporate experience and teaching with his passion for performing improvisational comedy. The result - your audience is energized and equipped to surpass their goals.

Glenn knows what it takes to capture attention in the business world. He enjoyed a log career with IBM – in sales, management, training and event speaking. He produced IT conferences and was a featured speaker for thousands of people.

As a graduate of Player’s Workshop of Second City and with his experience performing improvisational theater, Glenn excites your audience with teaching experience and improv techniques that energize communications and create a collaborative team environment.

Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management


  • Collaboration
  • communication skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Leadership and Presentation Skills
  • presentation design
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Change Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Teams Meetings
  • Burnout

Solve A Team's Communications Problem – The Illusion That it Has Taken Place

Are your attendees confusing communicators? Do they feel like they are trying their best to communicate, but no one seems to understand them? Miscommunication and an absence of understanding can result in team problems large and small. Enable your attendees to Join longtime conference speaker Glenn Anderson on a journey to connect and communicate more effectively. Glenn has been communicating all his life as a corporate instructor and speaker, and part-time improv actor. He will share his ideas and tips in this entertaining and useful session.

- How to connect with people, keeping their attention and gifting them with your attention
- Sharing control vs taking control during a meeting
- How to have more meaningful conversations
- The dance of effective communication

Seven Ways to Save Your Sanity and Stop Burning Your Toast

Burning your toast is a lot like job burnout. Little or no control over your work. Surrounded by chaos. Unrealistic deadlines. Before you know it, you’ve burned your toast! Accept this invitation and prevent burnout, in the kitchen or on the job. Learn to lighten up, look around, and live an unscripted life. Apply the secrets of improvisational theater – pay attention, make mistakes, say yes, don’t prepare, just show up. Jump on the stage of life and try it with your team. Be in the driver’s seat of your own happiness and team success. Stop burning your toast!

Attendees will learn how to:

- Regain control of your overloaded workday
- Increase personal energy to move forward together as a team
- Skip preparation stress, just show up and enjoy the ride
- Catch burnout before it catches you

Mind-numbing vs Mind-blowing: How to Energize Your Presentation

Presentations, both virtual and face-to-face, are enjoyable and effective when the speaker is sharing their passion and energy with the audience. Whether you are staring at your computer screen doing a Zoom presentation or you are actually lucky enough to be standing in front of a live audience with a projector and some slides, how exactly is that accomplished? Speakers have power! In this workshop you will discover the characteristics of a great presentation – a strong opening, positive body language, proper usage of slides and charts, good time management, handling questions and many more. Discover how to survive and thrive with virtual presentations. The focus of this workshop is on the basics of designing, developing and delivering all types of presentations and public speaking opportunities, both virtually or face-to-face.

Whether you are presenting to your own department, speaking with the public or spontaneously answering questions, this workshop will help you gain confidence and grow your public speaking skills. Explore the power you have as a speaker with this entertaining, instructional and interactive workshop.

Let's Change How Your Team Adapts to Change

As dealing with change becomes a regular business activity, leading change becomes a skill to develop and master. Adapting a team and a business in today's world of “always on” transformation can actually be invigorating instead of exhausting. Don't try to avoid the chaos, manage it by understanding the Satir Change Curve Model. Focusing on the people through empathy and perspective are the keys to success. Discover the steps to becoming an effective change leader through this enlightening look at organizational transformation.

Attendees will learn how to:

- Switch from being a change manager to a change leader
- Understand that chaos during change is not failure
- Develop organizational flexibility
- Apply Unicorn thinking to your team and experience a continuous creative advantage

Let an Improv Actor Fix Your Next Team Meeting

Another &$*!@# meeting! If meetings are the bane of your existence, transform them to a boon instead. Learn from the wisdom of an improvisational actor through this interactive workshop. Create a meeting culture where communication is open, and everyone wants to contribute. Stimulate fun and effective brainstorming by thinking like an improv actor – think and say, “Yes, And.” Go beyond having your team listen to simply respond and have them listen to understand. Through numerous, fun improv games and exercises, learn to hold meetings filled with sharp, brilliant problem-solving ideas. Empower your team to achieve their goals, whether they are local, remote, or hybrid. Let’s fix your next meeting!

Energize Your Team's Performance – Think Like an Improv Actor

Yes, And. Two words that form the foundation for performing good improvisational comedy. These same two words applied in the IT world will sharpen teamwork and collaboration. Who knew? Using numerous stories and examples, this session teaches leaders how to create a team that practices open communication. Thinking “Yes, And” builds a culture that celebrates diverse opinions and ideas. Laugh and learn and apply "Yes And" thinking to exceed your organizational goals.


- Utilize “Yes, And” thinking to exceed your team’s goals
- Create an organizational environment that affirms and builds
- Develop trust among team members
- Turn your team into a collaborative ensemble

Glenn Anderson

Professional Public Speaker

Chicago, Illinois, United States


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