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Gokan Ozcifci

Gokan Ozcifci

Consultant. Entrepreneur. Microsoft Regional Director & MVP.

Brussels, Belgium


Gokan is an independent SharePoint and Office365 consultant for Neoxy where he assists customers with building innovative, intelligent and responsive cloud driven solutions. With the Mobile first, Cloud first ideology, his goal is to empower every person and organization to do more with the Microsoft cloud and the ecosystem is perfectly aligned to accelerate this. Creativity, automation and perspective are what he loves most when using the Microsoft cloud, so every customer can be more agile, responsive and competitive. Gokan is a frequent – and funny – conference speaker. He presented at numerous national and international conferences and is actively involved in European and American conferences: Microsoft Techdays, Microsoft Experiences, European SharePoint Conferences, SharePoint Days and SharePoint Fest are a few major ones.
A proud author of books that reached the half million of downloads and founder of several communities, Gokan is a real community warrior. Due to his active contributions in these domains, he has been honoured with Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. Additionally, he is an active Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and a Microsoft Regional Lead for all MCTs in Belgium.
You can always talk to me about: Soccer. World Traveling. Food. Next-Gen Cloud Systems. Architecture & Strategy. SharePoint + Office365!


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft 365
  • Power Platform

Build Power Apps for Teams with Microsoft Dataverse

In this session we’ll explore and learn how to customize Microsoft Teams with the built-in Power Platform capabilities using Microsoft Dataverse (Project Oakdale). Because Power Apps is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams, there's no need to manage forms from two places.
Attending this session will gain insights on business benefits of enabling and using Power Apps and the importance of Data that is central to transforming any business process, from action to automation to interaction to analysis. Dataverse provides a low code data platform which allows your data to permeate all your apps - and in this session, we'll show you how.

The why, how and what of Dataverse in Microsoft Teams

Dataverse provides a low code data platform that allows your data to permeate all your apps - and in this session, we'll show you how. In this session, we’ll explore, learn and demonstrate how to build intelligent and integrated apps within any organization with the built-in Power Platform capabilities using Microsoft Dataverse (Project Oakdale). Because Dataverse is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams, there's no need to manage forms from two places.

Attending this session will gain insights on the business benefits of enabling and using Dataverse and the importance of Data that is central to transforming any business process, from action to automation to interaction to analysis.

The masterclass: Power Apps and Power Automate for SharePoint people

This workshop is for citizen developers, makers, or even administrators in an organisation where the modernisation of their legacy apps is a must. By attending this workshop, you will gain insights on:

• Business benefits of enabling and using Power Apps / Power Automate.
• No-code / less-code benefits of using Power Apps / Power Automate.
• Creating powerful apps that interact with SharePoint and Dataverse.
• Automate your business processes and improve productivity with Power Automate.
• Insert exciting controls such as camera, slider, component libraries, collections, and connectors and manipulate SharePoint data using PowerApps.
• Master the different Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive triggers + actions with real-world scenarios in Power Automate.
• Build extensive flows with approvals and modernise your way of workings.
• Replace SharePoint Designer actions vs Flow actions
• Licensing

Join us to see all those next-gen capabilities, experiences, and next-gen models in Power Apps & Power Automate used in SharePoint-centric scenarios. This demo-heavy (hands-on) workshop will teach you how to use Power Apps to build apps and use Microsoft Automate to get your workflows done.

To participate in the hands-on portion of this workshop, attendees should bring a laptop computer with a demo environment. Attendees who bring tablets or phones will likely experience difficulties completing the labs.

The future of Power Platform is exciting, and the addition of SharePoint can help address the challenges faced by today’s information workers. Let us shape the collaboration of tomorrow, all together!

Securing your tenant with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is making security defaults available to everyone. The goal is to ensure that all organizations have a basic level of security enabled at no extra cost. This session will walk you through the manual configuration, administration, management and audit of your tenant-wide settings that affects the security of your Microsoft 365 environment. Not only Microsoft 365 experiences, but also insights from Microsoft Azure. Join my session to learn from A to Z all fundamentals you need to know before saying that you environment is completely secure!

PowerApps and SharePoint: Better Together

Since Microsoft announced the long-term deprecation cycle for InfoPath, business users, decision-makers and power users have been waiting for better answers. Wait no longer! PowerApps is officially here as your InfoPath replacement, and even better – Microsoft is releasing PowerApps templates to get us started.
Because PowerApps is seamlessly integrated into SharePoint, there's no need to manage forms from two places: permissions are inherited from and having PowerApps integrated with SharePoint gives you access to many powerful features, such as analytics reports, easy point-and-click rules for conditional formatting, and connections to other data sources. In this session, we'll learn firsthand how we can extend our SharePoint experience with PowerApps - without writing a single line of code! We will not only cover the theory, but we will look at multiple examples expired by my main customers, and real-life scenarios in a live demo.

Microsoft Syntex: All you need to know about Content AI

With Syntex, you can automate your content-based processes—capturing the information in your business documents and transforming that information into working knowledge for your organization.
Microsoft Syntex is a Microsoft 365 service that uses advanced content artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide an end-to-end intelligent document processing solution for your organization. Rather than clicking and sorting through hundreds or thousands of files, Syntex extracts, analyses, and categorizes the data for you.
Join my demo-driven session, to understand the fundamentals and build your AI-Powered Model in a matter of minutes. First, we'll test the templates and create intelligent models for Syntex, then import enterprise data from SharePoint to see AI in action!

Master your Microsoft Teams tenant administration in a Hybrid workplace

In today’s world of remote working, a hybrid workplace is the main purpose for organizations around the globe. Promoting employee engagement and safer collaboration without barriers has become an immediate need for everyone, and companies will need to deploy modern experiences to facilitate this environment.

Join Microsoft MVPs Gokan Ozcifci and Mike Maadarani for an entertaining and demo-rich full-day, hands-on workshop covering recommendations, and best practices to manage your Microsoft Teams in a hybrid model.

We will start the workshop by introducing the different management capabilities in Microsoft Teams and continue diving into the details of the Teams Admin components. You'll learn about managing and deploying Templates, Roles, Security enhancements and so on.

Finally, we'll complete the first part with how to manage your Teams sprawl, and dive into the different policies you want to deploy to your users. Next, you'll learn about the Apps and how to control deploying apps to your environment before we move into managing Teams Rooms and Devices.

We will also cover how to manage and deploy Telephony to your users and the rules you will need to set to make sure you provide a proper configuration of your tenant. Gokan and Mike will provide many examples of how you can manage all things in Microsoft Teams with PowerShell and Graph API, so you can deploy automation in your environment.

Finally, we will cover reporting, and quality call dashboard, and you can gain insights into your tenant’s performance.

This workshop is aimed at any party that's interested in better managing and administering the numerous features of Microsoft Teams in a hybrid environment. From new Admin to Experienced expert! All is welcome!

To conclude; in this workshop, you will learn about:
1. Master the administration of Microsoft Teams
2. Deploy Teams Rooms a Devices
3. Secure your content and manage your data retention in Teams
4. Manage Policies and enhance your PowerShell Skills

Create Power Apps, Flows and chatbots directly from Teams with Dataverse.

Dataverse for Teams allows you to use Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents on top of Dataverse inside of Teams without additional cost. But what does no cost mean? What are the differences between Dataverse and Dataverse for Teams, and how does that affect my Apps, Power Automate flows and PVA chatbots?

In this session, we'll compare Dataverse and Dataverse for Teams and build our data-driven app. We'll extend our app with Power Automate (with parameters and adaptative cards!) and finally make our chatbot. The goal of this session is to show you the power of these rich integrations that you most likely have available to you today and build apps without any extra cost!

Comparing Power Pages (Portals), Canvas Apps, and Model-Driven Apps

Choosing between Canvas and Model-Driven Power Apps can be challenging for those unfamiliar with the Power Platform. After all, to some extent, they’re almost identical. Both Canvas and Model-Driven apps are low-code frameworks for creating business applications. They share similar components, and the results are pretty much the same.

Above all, why should you integrate Power Pages into your toolbox after Microsoft's announcement about Power Pages? How does it differentiate from the Portals? Especially since it's built on the foundation of Power Apps Portals, providing the same robust capabilities and pro developer experiences along with a new low-code maker experience and out-of-the-box templates to design modern business sites.

If you want to learn about Power Apps App creation strategies, what to use, and when, this session is for you!

Comparing Microsoft Lists, Dataverse for Teams, and Dataverse for Citizen Developers/Makers!

Whether you’re using Power Apps to build a small app for your team or a mission-critical app for your business, there are many great options for data. This session focuses on three of the most popular data technologies used in Microsoft Power Platform: Microsoft Lists, Microsoft Dataverse for Teams, and Microsoft Dataverse. With the answers to all your questions, you can quickly understand and apply the key considerations that will help you pick the correct one for your application.

Become a Microsoft Teams rockstar

Microsoft technology is moving at a rapid pace, join my session for building step-by-step, common Microsoft Teams collaboration advantages and perform live Teams usage scenarios. By using channels, tabs, bots, the command bar, extensibility options with PowerApps and Team's modern collaboration features, watch how your collaboration goes from meh to magnificent. With this session learn how to utilize Team's features to quickly, comprehensively and effectively to create the HUB for collaboration among your users and solve important real-world issues that require an immediate, rich featured collaboration platform.

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Gokan Ozcifci

Consultant. Entrepreneur. Microsoft Regional Director & MVP.

Brussels, Belgium


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