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Gosia Borzęcka

Gosia Borzęcka

AI Engineer

Nottingham, United Kingdom


Gosia Borzecka is a Microsoft AI MVP and AI Engineer at Avanade.
She is a full-stack .NET and React developer with Office 365 experience. For the last two years, she has been interested in AI and Machine Learning (and Python!), and during her day job, she helped customers bring AI and ML models into the Modern Workplace.
Gosia is also an international speaker, co-leader of NottsDevWorksop, and co-leader of AI 42, where she organized a few AI/Office 365 Bootcamps and AI/ML-focused meetings.



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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure Cognitive Services
  • Bot Framework

Don't panic - AI will not take your job

We hear everywhere that AI is becoming more powerful day by day. And with OpenAI and ChatGPT's popularity, we can start thinking about how our life will change.
But to better understand those changes, we should better understand this technology.
So if you are curious about what benefits OpenAI can give you and how to move your ideas on the Enterprise level - come to this session. You will learn about OpenAI and Azure OpenAI services and what potential they can give to your everyday work and as well your projects!

Azure Search - easily search your data

Data are everywhere. And finding data very quickly is one of the challenges. During this session, you will see how to use Azure Search from end to end: from data and documents to the web interface and all the magic between them.
You will also see how to add more intelligence to the Search, such as Azure Open AI, and make the search more user-friendly.

Cognitive Services Extravaganza!

Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence. These are all big words we hear coming into our businesses lately - but what does it all mean?!
Microsoft has created a set of simple and scalable tools that any developer can use and integrate into their applications super quickly!
This session will focus on the various Cognitive Service offerings, where we can understand why and when we should use Pre-Build AI.
Come and learn how to take advantage of these awesome services for your everyday work!

Scottish Summit 2023 Sessionize Event

August 2023 Manchester, United Kingdom

SQLBits 2023 - General Sessions Sessionize Event

March 2023 Newport, United Kingdom

Festive Tech Calendar 2022 Sessionize Event

December 2022

Global AI Bootcamp [London] Sessionize Event

March 2022

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon Sessionize Event

April 2021

SharePoint Saturday Vienna 2018 Sessionize Event

December 2018 Vienna, Austria

ShareCon365 Warsaw Sessionize Event

November 2018 Warsaw, Poland

Gosia Borzęcka

AI Engineer

Nottingham, United Kingdom


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