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Austin, Texas, United States

Geoff Perlman

Founder and CEO, Xojo, Inc.

Geoff Perlman is the founder and CEO of Xojo, Inc., the creator of Xojo, a cross-platform mobile, desktop, console, web and single-board computer development tool. Geoff is the company visionary, does quite a bit of the user interface design, and is actively involved in designing features for Xojo. An avid developer since the age of 10, Geoff taught himself programming and built a career in technology from this experience. He is a serial entrepreneur having worked for himself nearly his entire career and is published author who prior to founding Xojo in 1996, worked in Silicon Valley for a development tools company teaching other developers how to create software faster using RAD tools. When he's not doing tech stuff, he's a drummer in a classic rock cover band.

I'm the Founder and CEO of Xojo, Inc., a cross-platform development tools company. I'm also a husband, father, drummer and part-time philospher.