Gregor Brunner

Gregor Brunner

Founder @ brunner.bi

Zürich, Switzerland


Working with Power BI for over 7 years
Power BI External Tool "Measure Killer"

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft Power BI
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  • Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft Power platform

How to start your own Power BI Business

i will show in this session how to go from rookie Power BI user/developer to Power BI business owner managing a team of developers who are doing client work.
Additionally, I will talk about the Power BI marketplace and show which opportunities there are besides consulting for customers. This will cover the external tools and custom visuals market among others.
I hope this session will motivate you to take more risks and always look to improve your situation. It also involves strategic thinking about which technologies will get more popular in the future.

Measure Killer 2.0

Measure Killer is a popular external tool for Power BI. The main features are identifying and removing unused columns and measures. It works offline as well as in the Power BI Service finding all reports connected to a semantic model.
Version 2.0 has a ton of new features including unique insights of the whole Power BI tenant (custom visuals, datasets, child models, report-level measures etc.)

About 60min will be enough

Best practices for developing Power BI reports

In this session we will look at the most important best practices when developing a Power BI report and how these best practices can improve our life as developers.

We will differentiate best practices in the following three areas:
-Power Query / M
-Data modeling & DAX

Within these areas, we will see which best practices have an impact on performance and which ones help you to better organize your artifacts and improve usability of the report and readability of your code.

Remember that best practices are mostly not for you, the developer who has built this report. The main benefit is if we open a report from someone else or inherit one from a colleague, that is when you will start appreciating people following best practices.

Won't you appreciate being handed over a nicely organized report that fullfils the most important best practices? Make it your mission to stand by them when you build Power BI reports.

New ways to optimize shared datasets in the Power BI Service

In this session, we will take a look at a new approach to reduce the size and increase performance of our Power BI datasets and reports.

We all know the best practice to only load columns we need into our data model. In theory this makes perfect sense but in reality it is hard to achieve. We can use external tools for Power BI however to identify which columns are used and which are unused. This will help us shrink our dataset while making sure nothing breaks down in our reports.

As soon as we enter the Power BI Service, things get more complicated. Many people could have built reports on a centralized (shared) dataset in our organization. It becomes too risky to remove anything from that. The result is that our Power BI tenant gets bloated and the data is just piling up.

Even for this there are solutions out there and we will look at an automated way to optimize these datasets as well. It is possible that more than 50% of the size of the dataset is not used anywhere but nobody knew about it.

In this session you will learn to harness external tools for Power BI to optimize and shrink the size of your datasets especially in the Power BI Service. We will be able to declutter things and make sure everything is nicely organized.

Budapest BI Forum 2023 Sessionize Event

November 2023 Budapest, Hungary

Gregor Brunner

Founder @ brunner.bi

Zürich, Switzerland


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