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Kateryna Hrytsaienko

Kateryna Hrytsaienko

Software Engineer Consultant Valtech | Woman Techmakers Ambassador| GDSC Mentor

Kyiv, Ukraine

Hi there!👋

My name is Kateryna Hrytsaienko; I'm a Software Engineering Consultant at Valtech, Google Developer Student Club Menor, Google Woman Techmakers Ambassador, TechWriter at Baeldung, and a passionate Cloud and CI/CD Automation Enthusiast.

I mostly work with E-commerce projects, developing composable solutions and contributing to libraries for company-wide use. I summarize my experience in my blog https://medium.com/@ekatereanagricaenko and on the Baeldung platform

Thank you for your time and hope to see you soon at the summit. Cheers!


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Google Cloud
  • Cloud Containers and Infrastructure
  • Accessability
  • Leadership and Presentation Skills
  • java
  • Web Development
  • ecommerce
  • Web API
  • Full Stack

Pipeline Prowess: Exploring the Fusion of Gradle into GitHub's Shared Workflows

Shared pipelines are one of the common ways to make the life of a commerce developer much easier. Within this talk, we will enable the power of shared gradle plugins to be used in commerce CI/CD pipelines.
We'll talk through the processes of:
- implementation of the Gradle plugin.
- enabling the plugin within the Nexus organization
- integration of the Gradle plugin into the CI/CD pipelines
- make shared workflows reusable within the Git Hub organization

Let's revolutionize our commerce CI/CD workflows with Gradle together!

Multilingual NLP pipeline up and running from scratch

During this session we will gain hands-on insights on building a multilingual NLP pipeline from the ground up, seamlessly integrated into web applications. Explore the intricacies of setting up the infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and delve into the nuances of NLP model localization. In addition we will talk though the pricing and architectural solutions for being on the budget. Uncover the secrets of dialect resolution and effective slang processing, ensuring your applications are finely tuned for diverse linguistic contexts.

How to survive crisis as a community

I bet every community experienced a crisis at least once. In this talk, I will share the story of our glorious GDSC KPI Chapter, and how we managed our community during the war. Moreover, I will share our tips and tricks on how we succeed not only in keeping our followers with us but also growing to more than 1k subscribers.

Speed Up Microservice Setup with Composable Approach

Imagine how good it would be to have a magic button that allows you to set up and integrate a brand-new microservice in your ecosystem in XX minutes. Infrastructure, CI/CD, and basic code snippets all in one.

This talk aimed to familiarize you with the composable approach, which is as close to the "magic button" as possible.

In this session, we'll walk you through how Terraform conjures infrastructure like magic, shared workflows streamline processes, and Maven archetypes simplify code generation.

As the cherry on top -- live demo of the accelerator approach with Google cloud platform.

Here is the sample of slides for this topic -- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CcjJ6xHxZufpf-WSKrILBx_KB7R5IEm-/view?usp=sharing

SkySummit Sessionize Event Upcoming

July 2024 Berlin, Germany

Nerdearla Chile 2024 Sessionize Event

April 2024 Santiago, Chile

WeAreDevelopers Live 2024 (Season 7) Sessionize Event

January 2024

Warsaw DevFest 2023 Sessionize Event

November 2023 Warsaw, Poland

DevFest Pisa 2023 Sessionize Event

April 2023 Pisa, Italy

Kateryna Hrytsaienko

Software Engineer Consultant Valtech | Woman Techmakers Ambassador| GDSC Mentor

Kyiv, Ukraine

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