Gunnar Peipman

Gunnar Peipman

Peipman Consult Ltd

Gunnar Peipman is experienced software developer and active .NET community member from Tallinn, Estonia. Gunnar has grown up with coding and has worked on different Microsoft platforms and technologies right from primary school. Having seen technologies coming, going and evolving Gunnar has deep understanding of Microsoft technologies.

Current sessions

Multi-tenant web applications with ASP.NET Core

It’s a dawn on cloud era and many systems around the world are moving to cloud. Every new day brings new cloud based services to market. This presentation helps attendees to jump to SaaS systems band wagon and focuses on design, architecture and implementation of multi-tenant ASP.NET Core applications. The goal is to provide the audience with elegant real-world knowledge they can apply already next day at work. Demos show how different techniques work in practice, also how to deploy and run multi-tenant web applications on Microsoft Azure.

Working with Vision API Of Microsoft Cognitive Services

Microsoft Cognitive Services bring us powerful but easy to use cloud services that could be hard to build, host and maintain on-premises. This presentation focuses on computer vision API. Practical demos introduce different services like face and emotion detection and analyzing what’s on picture.

Building ASP.NET Core applications on *nix

.NET Core is open-source platform and it is possible to build applications also on Unix and Apple machines. This presentation introduces how to get .NET Core running on Linux, how to build ASP.NET Core applications on Linux, what free tooling to use, and how to deploy applications to cloud. Also automated testing , support for databases and Windows subsyste for Linux is covered.

Deep-dive to ASP.NET Core Logging

ASP.NET Core introduces new framework-level logging system. It doesn’t replace any existing loggers by third-parties but standardizes logging inside a framework itself. Presentation introduces new logging system and goes deep to its architecture and technical design. Demos show how to use loggers with advances features in web applications and how to build custom loggers from scratch.

Multi-tenant web applications with ASP.NET Core

The number of online systems that users can rent is growing. Call it SaaS or something else these systems are way harder to build than regular ones. This presentation is technical deep-dive to multi-tenant web applications. It focuses on implementation details and offers ready to use solutions to most common problems.

Deep dive to C# 7

C# 7.0 is the latest version of language and it is still evolving. This presentation focuses on new features in C# 7.0, their implementation and internals. Besides interesting usage scenarios the presentation also focuses on compiling side of these new features to show how new features are implemented internally and how they are served to .NET runtime.