Hans Enthoven

Hans Enthoven

Senior software developer @ mStack

Zoelen, The Netherlands

Hans is a software developer with over 18 years of experience. As a software developer he has lots of experience developing for the Microsoft platform. In these 18 years Hans has carried out many different projects in different environments. Hans describes himself as a professional software engineer with a lot of experience within Microsoft technology. Next to developing Hans also coaches people on the job and likes to give presentations to share his knowledge with other people.

Mission: Building structured, reusable and maintainable software that that matters in this society.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Software Development
  • Software Development Best Practices
  • Continuous Software Development
  • software architecure
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • C#.Net
  • .net 6

Memory management in .NET

As a .NET developer you write code that will be executed inside a managed environment. This means that all the memory management is done for you and you don’t need to worry about it? Or do you?

In my daily work as a .NET developer I notice that not everyone is fully aware of how memory management is implemented in the .NET runtime and how this can affect the performance of your application. Do you know about the stack and the heap? What are value types and what are reference types? Are value types always allocated on the stack? Can you explain concepts like boxing and unboxing?

During this talk I will address all those topics and more. I will explain why a good knowledge of those topics can help you write better and more performant code. During the talk I will also give some demos to demonstrate the principles I explained and show some handy tooling.

Compiling C# code. What's happening behind the scenes?

You are probably a daily user of C#, but do you know what the compiler does when it compiles the lines of code you have written? Is it directly compiled down to IL or is there more to it?

By looking at and explaining features introduced in C#12 and new features coming in C#13, Hans will take you on a deep dive at what the compiler does when it applies a concept known as "lowering" and how this enables language designers to sprinkle the language with so called "syntatic suger", which ultimately makes your life easier! Knowing how this works will help you write better and more performant code in your future projects.

So when you would like to learn more about C#12 and C#13 and also learn a bit more about the inner workings of the compiler, join this talk!

Hans would like this to be an interactive session, so if there are any questions to learn more about this these topics, just ask.

Duration: 45-60 minutes
The audience should have a basic understanding of the C# language.

How sharp do you C#?

You're probably a daily user of C#, but do you know what's going on behind the scenes? In this talk, Hans will deep dive into lowering and how it's making your life easier without you knowing it's even there. He will also go into new features introduced in C# 11. Hans will make this talk interactive so if there's things that you'd like to learn more about, just ask!

Beyond Boundaries: The Power of ASP.NET Core 8.0 and Blazor on Azure

Discover the seamless integration of ASP.NET Core 8.0 and Blazor with the robust capabilities of Azure. With the release of .NET 8 and ASP.NET Core 8.0, Blazor emerges as a comprehensive full-stack web development framework. Gone are the days of choosing between client-side Blazor (WASM) or server-side Blazor via a SignalR connection – a paradigm shift awaits.

No more constraints imposed by hosting models; now, explore four rendering modes working cohesively to enhance your web development experience. Blazor is now a full stack web development framework not only because it facilitates the use of .NET and C# on both the frontend and backend but also introduces essential features that were previously missing (e.g. Server Side Rendering (SSR)).

Join me on this exploration of ASP.NET Core 8.0, Blazor, and Azure – a trio poised to streamline web development. Ready to innovate? Let's dive in!

Hans Enthoven

Senior software developer @ mStack

Zoelen, The Netherlands