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Heidi Hasting

Heidi Hasting


Adelaide, Australia


Heidi Hasting is a Business Intelligence professional and former software developer with over seven years experience in Microsoft products. She is an ALM/DLM enthusiast and Azure DevOps fan and co-founder and organiser of the Adelaide Power BI User Group. Heidi is a regular attendee at tech events including Azure Bootcamps, DevOps days, SQLSaturdays, Difinity and PASS Summit.


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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure Data
  • Power Apps
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Microsoft Power platform
  • Azure Data Factory
  • SQL Server
  • Azure DevOps

Unleashing the Power of Automation: Exploring Power Automate and Power BI

Power Automate and Power BI. Join me as I share my passion for these powerful tools and demonstrate how they can bring efficiency and creativity to your workflows.

In this session, we will explore a range of exciting topics:

Power Automate Desktop Flows: Discover how to automate the conversion of pbix files to pbit and pbip formats, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable time.

Empowering PowerShell: Learn how to leverage the power of PowerShell to efficiently manage Power BI workspace permissions, ensuring seamless collaboration and access control.

Prepare to have fun as we embark on this journey of automation with Power Automate and Power BI. Walk away with practical knowledge and inspiration to unlock new possibilities in your projects.

Azure SQL Managed Instance: 3 Cheers & A Boo!

Floating on Azure's cloud? Let's get real about the SQL Managed Instance. Join me as we glide its bright spots:
1. Migration Magic:
Seamlessly lift and shift SSIS solutions from on prem to the cloud.
2. Query Harmony:
Effortlessly link databases with cross database queries.
3. Mystery Marvel:
A surprise perk? Attend and find out!

But every cloud has its storm. Stick around as I unveil a downside you ought to know before soaring too high. Ready for a balanced flight? Buckle up!

Power BI Report Server - Things to know

Can't do Power BI Service, need to stay On Premises that's okay Power BI Report Server is for you. In this session we will cover
- Let's talk about Power BI Report Server (what it is)
- Licensing
- Gotcha's (yes you don't get the same features as Power BI Services)
- Demo's

Power Up with the Power Platform

Did you know that you can use multiple products to achieve business success. Let's look at how we can use Power BI with Power Automate and Power Apps to achieve different business use cases, why not throw Microsoft Teams into the mix. All these together can help you Power Up your business.

Its one thing to read about the different Power Platform tools but even better to see them in action to solve real world use cases. Come to this session to see the art of the possible.

During the session I will demonstrate solutions using different integrations to achieve a business use case
- Power BI with Power Apps
- Power Apps with Power BI
- Power BI and Power Automate
- Power Automate and Power BI
- Teams and Power BI

At the end of the session you will have an understanding of how the tools can work together to achieve a use case that you can then use for your future projects and tasks.
Session Goals:
Knowledge of how the Power Platform can be integrated to achieve business success
- Power BI with Power Apps
- Power Apps with Power BI
- Power BI and Power Automate
- Power Automate and Power BI
- Teams and Power BI

Sensitivity labels - what do they look like

Like me you may have heard about sensitivity labels but what does that mean to your reports, data or documents. Some of the questions this session will answer;
- what do they look like in Power BI
- what do they look like in Azure SQL
- what do they look like in Azure Purview
- what do they look like in 0365
- how to maintain and manage them

In this session we will go through setting up sensitivity labels and see them across multiple platforms ( Power BI, Azure Purview)

Power BI Building first report

You've heard about Power BI and now want to give it a go. In this session we will go through building our first report.
We start off with a quick intro into Power BI Desktop our tool of choice for Power BI report development.
Then we will go get some data and talk about basic transformation options to clean it up.
Once we have some clean data to work from we will add relationships and look at modelling.
From there we will create visuals to turn data into insights.

CI/CD in Database Development

You’ve heard about CI/CD. Now let’s walk through doing it. In this session, we will look at how to implement various prerequisites, including source control. I will also move from theory to practice with a walkthrough of an Azure DB solution where I will demonstrate setup pipelines and continuous deployment

Bringing source control to BI world!

- Do you ever have trouble finding the latest version of a report?
- Do you want to see the changes to a database/cube/report over time?
- Do you need to identify where a field is used across your BI Environment?
- Do you have issues with parallel development?
- Do you work in a Business Intelligence environment with no source control?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this session is for you! We will go through
1. Why source control is important.
2. The different Visual Studio project types (Databases, Analysis Services, Integration Services, and Reporting Services)
3. How to bring an existing business intelligence environment into Source Control
4. How to facilitate parallel development

Let's bring order to your chaos!

Intro to Azure Data Studio

Azure Data Studio is the new kid on the block, keeping in line with Microsoft's ethos of tooling that works on many platforms this one runs on Windows, macOS and Linux.

This session is to give you an introduction to the product give you an idea of where/how it can be used in the Data Platform space. We will also cover some of the main features (code snippets, widgets, extensions) and time permitting Notebooks.

Hopefully by the end of the session you will be aware of Azure Data Studio and be ready to give it a go!

Level: Beginner Level 100

Heidi Hasting


Adelaide, Australia


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