Heidi Jordan

Heidi Jordan

SharePoint Solutions Specialist, High Plains Technology

Heidi Jordan has dedicated 12 years to developing solutions using a combination of SharePoint, forms and workflow – in both SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online. Specializing in no-code design, she is passionate about implementing custom solutions that satisfy both business and end-user needs. Her background includes, but is not limited to SharePoint sites/administration, SharePoint Designer Custom Workflows, InfoPath Forms, Power Apps and Power Automate.

Current sessions

Workflow Migration: Now Is the Time

Are SharePoint 2010/2013 workflows an integral part of business process automation? Since the announcement of their retirement, you may find yourself seeking a replacement solution or maybe you're even on the fence about switching to Power Automate. Join me as I address specifically how to make the transition from SharePoint 2010/2013 workflows to Power Automate flows, in a few key questions: how does Power Automate integrate with SharePoint Online? What are the new Approvals and how do they differ from SharePoint Designer workflow tasks? What are some of the limitations of Power Automate and how do you design your flows to accommodate? How does a person keep up as an administrator of all the flows? With the answers to these questions and a glimpse of some other cool features (such as Microsoft Teams integration), you'll leave this session feeling confident that Power Automate will be the next workflow solution your business can't live without.

Power Apps and Power Automate – Tips From a First-Time User

Prior to the availability of Microsoft’s power platform tools, business process automation with SharePoint on-premises generally centered around two components: a form builder and a workflow designer, i.e. InfoPath and SharePoint Designer. End of life support dates have been set for both products, so where should an on-premises user go from here? Enter Microsoft’s new cloud-based trio of tools: SharePoint Online, Power Apps and Power Automate. Join me as I share what I learned as a first-time user of all three tools - both what works and what doesn’t. We’ll get into the weeds a bit and look at specific concepts in both Power Apps and Power Automate and how a user would approach them having a SharePoint On-Premises mindset. I’ll also touch on my personal pros and cons, pitfalls to be aware of and some things a user should consider before making the switch to Power Apps/Power Automate.

Build Your Own SharePoint Online Migration Plan - With Flair!

It's inevitable: if you've been dubbed the SharePoint resident expert in your organization, you will be tasked with a SharePoint Online migration at some point. By now you've heard all the reasons why the future is flat and that modern is the way to go but you may find yourself struggling to actually take the first step. Join me as I discuss how I sorted through all the advice to design and implement my own upgrade strategy. I'll start from the beginning and share some observations from a hub site planning activity and then move on to the security and access considerations for sites. We will also take a look at some of the new modern features surrounding home page design, navigation and web parts. Lastly, I'll share some my own wildly successful 'crowd favorite' nuggets which are sure to have a positive effect on user adoption and ease any of the pain caused by a SharePoint Online migration.