Holly Bielawa

Holly Bielawa

Coaching for Agility

Holly Bielawa is a Digital Entrepreneur and a Lean Startup & Enterprise Agility Coach who has led start-ups and public companies to competitive wins by transforming systems, mindsets, and ways of working. Holly brings a depth and breadth of focused discovery, problem solving, and collaboration to help companies speed client-centered and innovative digital products and services to market.

Ms. Bielawa' company was awarded an INC. Technology Web award in 2000 for best B2B web application in 2000 , which she boot-strapped to profitability in the first year of operation . She served at the executive level at several technical start-up companies including NovoDynamics, Inc., where she collaboratively transformed the first Agile team in the company and product strategy resulted in additional investment, rapid product development, and a 2005 award-winning launch in Dubai.

At Menlo Innovations as a High-Tech Anthropologist, she was awarded 6 commercialized patents and founded Agile Growth Strategies, now Digital Product Partners. Ms. Bielawa collaborates with clients and co-workers to successfully transform internal product development processes for innovation, fast delivery, and rapid customer adoption.

Holly has been coaching large companiess for over 15 years and Holly an Agile Coach at Bloomberg in NYC.

Current sessions

How to Hire an Agile Coach

Are you looking to bring on Agile Coaches to help your organization? Are you spending lots of time and resources to find that help? Hiring good Coaches is a critical piece of building agility, but it is also expensive endeavor in money, politics and organizational potential. Are you considering using a consultancy instead?

Failure to enlist the right coaching talent can result in embarrassment - But at worst, it can also result in the loss of leadership buy-in, team-level disengagement, and the need for damage control. If you've heard someone say "we tried Agile here and it doesn't work," it might be the result of poor coaching (or consulting). The fact is, with the still growing success of business agility, now is a more complicated time than ever to navigate bringing in right Agile help for your organization.

In this session, you will learn specific Agile Coaching misconceptions, and learn approaches and techniques to avoid the common pit-falls of hiring coaches. From identifying and interviewing, through making sure coaches are effective within your organization, Agile leadership from Bloomberg will step you through their process with activities and examples you can take home to start to tackle this growing challenge.