Ian Bourne

Ian Bourne

Dynamics and PowerPlatform evangelist. Interests: horses, sailing, music and coffee

Stonehouse, United Kingdom

My company, Cloud2020, is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform consultancy based in Gloucestershire, that operates across the UK and Ireland - we focus on the SMB market, helping to build their businesses through innovation.

I started out as a ship's navigator with Cunard before various roles in the navy, merchant navy, and Ministry of Defence, both in command and ultimately as an Admiralty Pilot serving in the UK and Gibraltar. After I came 'ashore' I ran companies in Hampshire and London, and the Careers Service National Association before starting my own business selling software at discount into the charity and education sector.

When the cloud came on the scene I quickly saw this was the way ahead and initially set up a business to deliver Office365. When Dynamics became a SaaS product I realised this was the product that most motivated my team, and also gave our customers some serious business advantages, so I moved the company to focus entirely to Dynamics 365.

I live with my wife in Gloucestershire along with our two horses, two goats, thirteen ducks, eight hens, three beehives and dog.

I love to spend my holidays yacht sailing, skiing or travelling and for relaxation I play saxophone and guitar in a band. On occasions you will also find me on the bridge of s.s. Shieldhall navigating this amazing ship around the Solent (https://ss-shieldhall.co.uk/)

Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management
  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Dynamics 365
  • Dynamics CRM
  • dynamics 365 sales
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 Project Operations
  • Dynamics 365 for customer engagement
  • Dynamics BC
  • Power Apps
  • Microsoft Power platform
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Power Apps Portals

The Changing Role of the Dynamics / Power Apps Consultant

What is the role of a dynamics or Powerapps consultant these days with generation Z?

With 'How much of this can we do ourselves once you've finished?' being a typical customer question, what actually does a consultant contribute to the process in this day and age?

Roundtable - Dynamics 365 versus Power Platform, what are the real differences and Differentiators?

Join Microsoft MVPs along with other speakers discussing the differences between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Apps / Power Platform in a round- table interactive session.

Many customers and sometimes members of our community are confusing the two as completely different platforms or as exactly the same thing. This roundtable session will discuss history, differences, similarities and roadmap of both Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

The session will answer common questions and provide real world examples of how to use these platforms with time allocated to Q & A at the end.

HR for All

Wendy and Ian will present their experience of offering a fully featured HR solution, deployed as either an Power App or as an adjunct to Dynamics 365, working alongside the ISV partner that developed the platform.
This session will demonstrate the power of working with ISV partners to satisfy the requirements of customers without reinventing the wheel each time!

Dynamics Sales over a Power App - why pay the difference?

Come and explore the Sale app in more depth than you may have already and realise its true value.

Ian will uncover some of the lesser know features such as: LinkedIn integration, Playbooks, Sales Accelerator, Goals and Forecasts and Deal Manager etc

Digital transformation - the end of the journey?

Recent events have driven organisations large and small down the digital transformation route, but is this progress enough?

Explore the digital transformation journey that happens after an organisation has implemented M365 and pushed third party workloads into Azure.

Don't leave the business on the table. Continue the partnership with your customer to help them drive even more productivity though the deployment of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

This could be sub-titled: the end of the road for spreadsheets!

How SMBs can cost-effectively accelerate their Lead to Opportunity process

In this session Wendy and Ian, based on their experience of operating an SMB, will explore what the Lead to Opportunity process can look like when optimised for smaller organisations, while using the tools available to maximise on the effort required.
In the short time available they will look at how to intelligently segment in LinkedIn, and engage with the generated Leads through SalesSpark - a tool to multiply the impact of Lead engagement.

Lifting the Lid on Dynamics 365 Marketing

To join, go to: https://bit.ly/2wIu0uO

A look at Dynamics 365 Marketing: what is does, latest features, use cases for marketing and communications. Demos and discussions

The $26Bn Partnership: LinkedIn and Dynamics

How the partnership between LinkedIn and Dynamics works in practice: Sales Navigator with Dynamics and LinkedIn advertising in Dynamics 365 Marketing

How to run an effective envisioning workshop for business applications

Organisations often cannot see the benefits of implementing, sometimes complex, digital transformation projects.

By running a structured workshop that focusses on their pain points, envision what the future could look like, and putting some numbers against the outcomes, we can really get the users on board and enthused. This leads to a successful partnership for scoping, implementing and adoption.

South Coast Summit 2021 Sessionize Event

October 2021 Southampton, United Kingdom

Ian Bourne

Dynamics and PowerPlatform evangelist. Interests: horses, sailing, music and coffee

Stonehouse, United Kingdom

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