Ian Natzmer

Ian Natzmer

SPINS, VP - Engineering Retail Application Solutions

Ian is a technology leader with 15+ years in startups. He specializes in bringing order to chaos through blending Agile and Lean practices tailored to each team. Ian has a Master’s degree in Computer science and is currently the VP – Engineering for Retail Applications at SPINS, a specialty organic big data company in Chicago. He has presented at numerous conferences, has published papers, and is active in the Lean/Agile/UX community.

Current sessions

Agile Challenges to Distributed Teams

Agile and Lean development work great for co-located teams. Doing stand-up, sitting together for improved communication, getting customer feedback, and communicating with stakeholders, all represent a challenge to Agile Principals when dealing with a distributed team. Not to mention, principle number 6 states to enable face-to-face communication.

In this session, I will highlight many of these challenges and more that I have faced over the past 10 years of leading distributed software development teams. I will review how I’ve solved them as well as what industry best practices have to say about making the best use of Agile when teams are distributed.