Ida Bergum

Information & Communications Technology

Ida Bergum

Manager Data & AI, Avanade and Data Platform MVP

I work in Avanade Norway as a Nordic Solution Architect for Data & AI and I'm honoured to have been recognised as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. I have a big passion for Analytics Experiences, Data and AI solution architecture, STEM and a definite Power BI Evangelist. I have presented at several local and international Microsoft conferences the past couple of years. Sharing knowledge is one of the things I truly love.

Current sessions

Power Automate your BI

In this session you will learn how to use Power Automate for your BI (in this case Power BI). I will cover some useful operations in the Power BI API and present rich demoes on how you can use Power Automate to for instance trigger a refresh on a dataset, get the refresh history and post to your BI Team, and automate management of Premium capacity. Imagine all the simple automation scenarios you might have, and how this can apply in your own case!

Power BI - A look into the future with mixed reality

Power BI announced Power BI for Mixed Reality app (Preview) in 2018. Interacting with a mixed-reality app is different from interacting with a computer, or even with a tablet or phone. In this session I will demo a case with Power BI and mixed reality on a Hololens. Show some of the tips and tricks and cases where it might be applicable.

Design Thinking and Innovation Accounting in Power BI

In this session I will give you some insights on how you can use design thinking methods for your Power BI MVP initiatives or solutions. I will also go trough one of the templates I have built for innovation accounting used for multiple incubator teams at a global organization.

The how and why's of embedding Power BI in business apps

Have you ever wondered what options you have to embed and integrate Power BI content? Ida will cover three useful scenarios; OOB options, Secure embed and Power BI embedded.

The Tales of Successful Enterprise Managed Self-Service BI

Once upon a time, there was 100 enterprises with a lot of data and thousands of employees, a BI guy with a sword, a passionate BI girl and a premature baby BI product called Power BI. One of the large enterprises said "Our employees might as well create their own reports, as IT is not able to deliver on time". So the guy with the sword and the passionate BI girl showed the enterprise the premature baby Power BI. "But what about governance!? And how can we help them to learn how use it?...". There were many roadblocks, frameworks, prototypes, trainings and enhancements on the way, which eventually enabled a data driven culture. The large enterprise and the Grown up Power BI, lived happily ever after.

Power BI storytelling 101

As humans, we face an increasing amount of data and information every day. To derive meaning and make sense of this complex world, we constantly scan the world around us and select what we believe is important and what is not. In this session I will go trough the end to end framework about turning data into business actions.

Connecting the dots: CDM and Power BI architectures

The Common Data Model (CDM) is an open-source metadata system, a shared data model for commonly used business concepts and activities across domains to facilitate data interoperability. CDM can be used with other data services on Azure, and can enable collaboration among Data & AI professionals that code and not code. What are the possibilities and options of architecting our data solutions in using CDM, Azure data services and Power BI?

What are the possibilities and options of architecting our data solutions in using CDM, Azure data services and Power BI?

In store Analytics Experiences to increase customer engagement

How do you increase Customer engagement by enabling store employees with analytics? in this session I will show you three real world customer examples from a global retailer in fashion.


How does beer explain the world? A session brought to you by Power BI, and the love for data and beer.

Past and future events

Power BI Gebruikersdag 2020 (verplaatst naar 2022)

30 Mar - 1 Apr 2022
Utrecht, Netherlands

DataGrillen 2020

27 May - 28 May 2020
Lingen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Techorama 2020 BE

24 May - 26 May 2020
Antwerpen, Flanders, Belgium

Microsoft TechDays 2019

21 Oct - 23 Oct 2019
Kista, Stockholm, Sweden

PowerPlatform Saturday Sweden 2019

4 Oct 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

Techorama Netherlands 2019

30 Sep - 1 Oct 2019
Ede, Gelderland, Netherlands

MVP Dagen 2019

18 Sep 2019
Oslo, Norway

DATA:Scotland 2019

12 Sep 2019
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Power BI Days Belgium 2019-06

21 Jun 2019
Kontich, Flanders, Belgium

Power Saturday 2019

13 Jun - 14 Jun 2019
Paris, Île-de-France, France

Power BI Gebruikersdag 2019

29 Mar 2019
Utrecht, Netherlands