Igor Andriushchenko

Igor Andriushchenko

CISO, Lead Security Architect at Digital Route (Jan 2021)

Igor Andriushchenko works as Director of Security an Quality at Snow Software, a world leader developing technology asset management products. In Jan 2021, he joins Digital Route as CISO and Lead Security Architect to work on the product, information security and privacy.
He has more than 5 years of engineering security experience - from hands-on to senior management positions. He specializes in shifting security to the left and empowering developers to write secure code from the beginning. His skills also include cloud security, driving the automation for infrastructure and CI/CD.
Igor has a track of speaking engagements starting from 2017 at local and international security and development conferences (Swetugg, Microsoft TechDays, NoNameCon).
Igor holds Master’s degree in Machine Learning from Aalto University (Finland) and MBA from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola.

Current sessions

Securing dependencies in .NET

How many dependencies does your .NET project have? 100? 1000? Are you sure they are all secure? Did you check a month ago? Or yesterday? One vulnerable component can turn everything upside down and jeopardize the entire company or a product. This session focuses on best practices of managing dependencies of .NET, .NET Core, Node.js alongside with building robust and reliable dependency delivery and component check pipelines that fit both fresh pet projects and enterprise CI/CD machines. With a focus on technical demonstrations and do-it-yourself approach, the session will let you kick-start building a secure software supply chain right away.

Building secure infrastructure in Azure with Terraform, Ansible and Powershell DSC

Terraform gains attention as one of the leading open-source tools for delivering cloud infrastructure. Enhanced with powers of Ansible and Powershell DSC in Azure, it allows to control the state of machines and keep them secure according to the defined baseline. This talk puts additional focus on integrating between Azure and open source tool with help of Azure Automation and DSC.