Igor Gorelik

Igor Gorelik

Common sense enthusiast, Lead Consultant for Readify

Igor Gorelik has almost 20 years of experience in software development in Australia and overseas. Since joining Readify in 2010, Igor has successfully worked with many clients helping them to build effective products across multiple platform and technologies, including Asp.NET MVC, WCF, AngularJS, Xamarin, iOS, and Windows Azure. In 2014, Igor presented ‘JavaScript for .NET Developers’ session at the DDD Melbourne conference. In 2016, Igor was part of a team to develop an aged-care application that won 'Mobility Innovation of the Year' at the 2016 Victorian iAwards. Last year Igor was a member of the small team sent to Redmond - Microsoft headquarters to take a part in 6 weeks HoloLens EAP for a client.

Current sessions

Hololens - from zero to hero

Hololens is the ultimate Mixed Reality device from Microsoft. It enables features previously seen only in sci-fi movies. But what does it mean for us - developers? Is it super complicated and can be done only by few chosen ones? May be… Are you one of them? During this presentation we will create a Hololens app from scratch using number of tricks I've learned during 6 weeks in Redmond at the end of last year. I will also share number of do's and don'ts that will help you to create holo apps and will blow your client`s (and user`s) minds.

Depression - Software developer strain

Software developers are very logical. Right? Unfortunately, according to the National Health Survey around 1 in 11 people (8.9%) reported having a depression or feeling of depression in 2014-15. In general the proportion of people with depression increases with age, picking at around 55-64 age range. Come to my session to hear some facts about depression, listen about my personal experience, and, the most important, what you can do about it.

Game creation for developers – it’s not that hard

All of us play games. Some games are very complex (e.g. Hallo, Call of Duty, etc.) and some are not. Even though the game creation seems like a very complex task, with Unity3D and C# it’s not that hard. I will demonstrate it through number of examples and hope it will wake up your inner game developer. But, it’s not just about games. Experience in Unity 3D brings you straight to the device of the century - Hololens.

6 weeks in Redmond doing Hololens development - travel notes

Do you want to know how Hololens apps are developed inside Microsoft mothership in Redmond? I bet... I will share my experience of being part of dev team sent to Redmond. I will talk about methodology used, tools. Even, thanks to number of NDA's lifted, I will show a demo. And trust me, it's awesome