Ilyas F

Information & Communications Technology

Azure cloud

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Ilyas F

IoT Evangelist @ ABB

Seasoned IoT Architect

Founder of India Azure Community Conference 2020(
Organizer Bengaluru Azure user Group
Founder of Chennai Azure user Group

Current sessions

Pod + Cluster Scaler, a match made in heaven to optimize cloud spend

Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure has become the choice of developers to host scalable micro-services for various benefits it offer, however most organizations are overprovisioning nodes in the Kubernetes clusters to make sure the services hosted on them don't underperform just because of reduced resources. With the help of Horizontal/Vertical Pod Autoscalers + Cluster Autoscaler, we can configure AKS to auto provision the necessary pods and nodes based on the demands of the application.

In this session, I'll show how we could configure Hortizontal Pod Scaler & Cluster Auto scaler in AKS and scale in and out based on the requirements of the application.

Microservices with Istio

Lets learn how we could enhance our cloud development with Istio, a powerful technology supporting a service-mesh based connectivity model for microservice applications in a distributed management environment like Azure Kubernetes Service. Services mesh in general, and Istio specifically, addresses some of the key issues that development teams run into when building microservices-based systems. In this session, the presenter will talk about enabling Istio and integrate it into any Kubernetes-based application environment, highlighting key aspects of the Istio service mesh along the way.

Getting started with Azure IoT Edge

The holy grail of the Internet of Things is the ability to easily distribute the intelligence of your application across the Cloud and the Edge. Being able to run analytics, AI or store data at the Edge addresses many common and key IoT scenarios. Come learn how to easily create deployments for IoT devices that include AI, Machine Learning, Stream Analytics, as well as your own custom code on devices smaller than a Raspberry PI.