Ioannis Anifantakis

Information & Communications Technology

Deep Learning Developing Android Apps

Irákleion, Crete, Greece

Ioannis Anifantakis

Software Engineer

Hi there! I am a professional software engineer and programming instructor. I love mobile development and deep learning.

Current sessions

Using Semantic Segmentation to diagnose Pneumothorax

Utilizing computer vision to approaching medical diagnosis regarding Pneumothorax, a condition that is life-threatening. Computer vision can detect and segment x-rays, providing where pneumothorax may have occurred.

Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

An introduction to reinforcement learning, giving a first look into the State, Action, Reward system. A brief analysis of Google's DeepMind paper regarding the rewarding system of a walking agent to its environment.

Introduction to Deep Neural Networks

The audience will be introduced to the theory and some of the math behind neural networks. We will define simple neural networks, learn about common definitions, and the different types of neural networks. No code involved!