Shrivatsa Upadhye

Shrivatsa Upadhye

Public Cloud Advocate

Shrivatsa is a Cloud developer advocate focused on everything related to security, whether it is apps or cloud infrastructure.
He raises awareness around practices of writing and building secure apps, in particular, helps developers and SREs understand the various architectures of cloud native apps. He frequently speaks at conferences, community meetups and also actively blogs.

He has experience in software development, architecture and cloud technologies across AWS/Azure/GCP.

Current sessions

The 3 Muskeeters: Jenkins, Terraform, Vault

Deploying applications securely in multi-cloud environments can get overwhelming very quickly. This is where Infrastructure as code comes to your rescue. You might be already looking at Terraform or better yet, using it.

In this talk, we will learn how to secure your Cloud and application keys with "Vault" and extend that to integrate with Jenkins and Terraform. This would allow the DevOps engineer to truly "build, test, deploy, manage and secure" the infrastructure from one place.

We will look at a quick demo of these 3 tools working together and understand some of the best practices around them.