Iwan Hoogendoorn

Iwan Hoogendoorn

VMware, Staff PSO Consultant

Iwan Hoogendoorn is a Staff SDDC Consultant (PSO) at VMware supporting strategic enterprise customers.
Iwan has been in the IT industry for 20+ years. He is passionate about learning and collaborating with customers on solutions.
Iwan is part of the VMware CTO Ambassador Program while holding numerous VMware and Cisco certifications along with the vExpert designation.
Follow Iwan at http://www.iwan.wiki or http://www.i-1.nl and on Twitter @i1wan or subscribe to his NSX and/or VMC YouTube Channels.

Automate NSX-T with PowerCLI.

This session will explain how to automate some basic operational tasks in NSX-T using PowerCLI.
Using PowerCLI is an easy and powerful way to automate and speed up NSX-T deployments.

Using HCX to perform a successful Cloud to Cloud Migration.

When a customer wants to move workloads to another cloud this can be done using a few different methods.
HCX is one of these methods. In this session, it will become clear what public clouds are currently supported by HCX.
We will also demo a cloud to cloud migration by keeping the downtime to a minimum.

Going from VSS/VDS fo N-VDS: The various different design options.

When migrating your infrastructure from VSS/VDS to N-VDS there are a lot of trivial design related options you can choose.
This session will explain why or why not you should choose for a certain design option.

Getting Visibility with NSX-T Network Intelligence.

NSX Intelligence is a distributed analytics engine that provides continuous data-center wide visibility for network and application security teams helping deliver a more granular and dynamic security posture, simplify compliance analysis, and streamline security operations.
This session will show how the analytics within the hypervisor is distributed on each host, sending back relevant meta-data to a scale-out, lightweight appliance for visualization, reporting and building machine-learning models.

Disaster Recovery with NSX-T and SRM across multiple sites.

Disaster Recovery on multiple levels in your full SDDC architecture (including the hardware components) is a requirement for most of our customers NSX-T can provide Disaster Recovery solutions on the virtual network stack.
This session will explain design principles on how to achieve disaster recovery in a multi-site multi-hypervisor architecture.

Deep-dive: NSX-T Networking Concepts inside VMC on AWS.

VMware Cloud on AWS uses NSX-T to create and manage internal SDDC networks and provide endpoints for VPN connections from your on-premises network infrastructure. To connect your on-premises data center to your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC, you can create a VPN that uses the public Internet, a VPN that uses AWS Direct Connect, or just use AWS Direct Connect alone. This session will show you how the underlying NSX-T infrastructure is designed and technically working to make the SDDC internal network infrastructure work.

NSX-T; Follow the Packet

Come along on a packet walk in the NSX-T data plane. In this advanced NSX-T troubleshooting session we interactively demonstrate how to troubleshoot and trace traffic in the NSX-T data plane using the Packet Capture and Traceflow tools. We will use live demo’s in order to give you the best experience and the knowledge to keep in your back pocket for your next NSX-T troubleshooting experience.

NLVMUG UserCon 2020

January 2021 Utrecht, Netherlands

Iwan Hoogendoorn

VMware, Staff PSO Consultant