David Jackson

Finance & Banking

David Jackson

Fintech and Payments Practice Lead

David has presented to hundreds of international, national, and local events throughout his career. Some of these include: Industry standards organizations: W3C Web Payments Interest Group; US Faster Payments Task Force, US Secure Payments Task Force, Oracle FinTech and Blockchain Startup group, dozens of fintech conferences globally, Business Payments Coalition along with NACHA, Sibos, NextBank and other global and local conferences.

Current sessions

Machine Learning in real-time fraud detection

With the payments industry evolving faster, with more alternatives and innovations along with the expanding use of chip & PIN; fraud is more technologically sophisticated and organized. Ad-hoc modeling, based on machine learning, brings the ability to increase detection rates while creating immediately deployable countermeasures, and reducing the cost of false positives. Detect in real-time and deploy immediate countermeasures with and without human participation. Hear about these capabilities and the banking industry leaders using them.