Jalia Pettis


Business & Management

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Jalia Pettis

Jalia Pettis, Visionary of 3Jay Productions

Want to know what purpose plus passion looks like? You are staring her in the face! Jalia took a leap of faith and left the comfort of Corporate America to follow my passion of being an entrepreneur. Little did she realize what all that would entail.
In 2008 she began her journey in the beauty industry. After much trial & error, she relocated from South Carolina to Arizona in 2012 which catapulted her career. In July 2015 she became a Beacon Award Winner and in 2017 was named NAHA 2017 Finalist for Makeup Artist of the Year, the first African-American woman to be named in the category (each accomplishment through the Professional Beauty Association). In 2018 3Jay Productions (her company) won the American Small Business Championship representing the state of Arizona through SCORE Mentors. The past two years she has embarked upon educating both beauty and business professionals throughout the US. Jalia is a woman of many hats and pairs creativity with management. She also consults aspiring entrepreneurs on how to get out of their comfort zone and do the work to start their own business.