James Wayne

James Wayne

Head of Product Specialists at Exclaimer

Farnborough, United Kingdom

James has been working at Exclaimer for 2 years as a product specialist, assisting Exclaimer's customers in their evaluation of Exclaimer Cloud as a suitable solution to meet their needs.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Email Signatures
  • Email Marketing
  • Exchange Online
  • Microsoft Outlook

Resolving the Headache of Email Signature Management: Exclaimer Cloud (Sponsor)

In this demonstration we aim to explore some of the most common headaches that Exclaimer have encountered when organisations seek to centrally manage email signatures.

As well we introduce Exclaimer Cloud as an effective means to solve this problem and all of the added benefits of doing so.

Hands on with Exclaimer Cloud; the comprehensive email signature solution

Join James Wayne, Head of Product Specialists at Exclaimer as he provides an in depth demonstration of the Exclaimer Cloud solution, the most powerful and comprehensive email signature solution on the market. He’ll showcase, among other things, how your user’s contact details can be captured; either from your directory or directly from those users themselves and used to populate your signatures.

How signatures can be pushed to the Outlook client via an add-in that utilizes the latest and greatest from Microsoft. And how, by using innovative technology, signatures can be 100% guaranteed across all devices. Finally James will introduce the brand new Exclaimer Portal, the very best and most modern way to design and deploy email signatures centrally.

We promise, it’s the most simple and intuitive way to manage signatures, you’ll leave wondering how you’ll ever work without it.

South Coast Summit 2021 Sessionize Event

October 2021 Southampton, United Kingdom

James Wayne

Head of Product Specialists at Exclaimer

Farnborough, United Kingdom

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