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Springfield, Virginia, United States

Jim Novak

Futurez Consulting

Microsoft Business Applications MVP and Dynamics 365 Technical Architect specializing in Power Platform / xRM development in the Federal Government space.

Current sessions

Working with Liquid Templates in Power Portals

Take a look under the hood of Dynamics Portals one of it's building blocks: Liquid Templates. Where did Liquid Templates originate, where can we use them in our Portals Solution, and what are some real world examples of customizing Power Portals with Liquid Templates

CDS and Model Driven Apps - Your Enterprise Solutions Platform

The Power Platform offers a low code/no code framework for building business applications. Mobile based Canvas apps are popular, but Common Data Service (CDS) and Model Driven Apps offer an enterprise scale Line of Business Solution development platform.

In this session, we will dive into CDS and Model Driven Apps and how they combine to offer a rapid development platform for data centric apps. solutions - non developers to rapidly configure and deploy relational data systems with security, search, workflows, and data entry screens while developers can extend the platform with custom code and connections to external systems using the extensive APIs.

The session includes a hands on demo that will show CDS and Model Driven Apps in action - we will build a custom business solution that leverages both out of the box and custom CDS entities, custom processes, and a bit of custom code to make it interesting.

This session is intended to offer some insight into CDS and Model Driven Apps and how your organization can leverage the Power Platform to modernize your enterprise solutions.

Developing XrmToolbox Plugins

Build a new XrmToolbox plugin from scratch: Implementing the base plugin interfaces, designing your user control, testing, and sharing with the world through NuGet.

Getting Started with Fake Xrm Easy

Many Dynamics CRM development teams include little or no repeatable unit tests as part of their code base. This is often both a technical and management hurdle. Understanding this framework will help to quickly implement repeatable unit tests as part of their development process.

Connect Common Data Service and SharePoint using Azure Function Apps

In this session, we will take a look at integration options between the Common Data Service and SharePoint using using Power Automate and Azure Function Apps. We will cover some of the high level concepts before diving into a working example of the code and configuration behind this integration.