Jan de Vries

Jan de Vries

Software Engineer at Microsoft

Lemmer, Netherlands

I've been designing & developing software solutions for quite a while now. In the past decade, most of my solutions are delivered within the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, and am now working on new and exciting Azure solutions.

During this time, I've been collaborating a lot with multiple customers & development teams and empowering them to implement the best possible solutions. Every project comes with its challenges, but having an agile mindset helps deliver simple solutions for complex problems.

By having a broad, hands-on, experience on multiple projects I'm able to guide decisions based on my experience and make sure Azure gets better for everyone!

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Serverless
  • event-driven architecture
  • Cloud Architecture

Processing messages real-time in Azure

Real-time processing deals with streams of data that are captured in real-time and processed with minimal latency. Many real-time processing solutions need a message ingestion store to act as a buffer for messages, and to support scale-out processing, reliable delivery, and other message queuing semantics.

I'll show you how we've accomplished the above in our solutions using Azure Event Hub, as our key messaging service, and make sure we can handle a lot of messages and keep our services and data secure.
While your project might not need the same setup for scale as we are using, this session will give you enough insights to set up a similar solution.

Querying data at scale and how to implement this using my lessons learned

Querying multiple data stores can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially when dealing with large volumes of data or diverse data formats.

In this session, we will explore strategies for effectively and efficiently querying multiple data stores, including using tools such as SQL and NoSQL databases, data warehousing solutions, and APIs. We will also discuss best practices for optimizing query performance, handling data inconsistencies, and dealing with data security concerns based on the learnings I had while creating such a solution.

Whether you are a data analyst, developer, or database administrator, this session will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to confidently and effectively query multiple data stores.

From a distributed monolith to a microservices solution

Are you creating a microservices solution? You sure about this?
Creating small services that invoke other small services, which invoke even more smaller services most of the time results in a distributed monolith.

Using commands, events and loosely coupled services is something you SHOULD strive for!
I'm happy to show you my lessons learned in this realm and which Azure services you can use to create a very scalable & responsive microservices solution.
I'll quickly show you which services you should use, like Azure App Services, Azure Functions, Event Grid, and Storage Queues. With the short introduction out of the way, we'll dive into the details of these services, how to get the most out of them and when to use each service.

After this session, you'll be aware of the pitfalls in a service-to-service design and know how to implement a proper, loosely coupled, microservices solution.

Designing software in the cloud

Are you migrating to the cloud, or have you migrated already? Don't forget to update your software design also! Designing and developing software running on-premises often looks different compared to a cloud-native solution.

You can do a 1-on-1 migration of your software, and it will run fine*, but by leveraging a couple of standard cloud patterns, you can make the software more robust and cost-effective.

I'll show you which steps I often take for migrating software to a cloud environment and which problems arise along the way. After this session, you'll have a clear understanding of what to do for a successful migration.

Next level security for your Azure applications

Are you putting your solutions in production in Azure? That's great, but how secure are they?
By exposing App Services, Function Apps, and all other application platforms, you are still at risk.

Take advantage of the Azure services like Azure API Management, Application Gateway, and Azure Firewall to bring your solution to the next level.

I'll show you what we've done to secure our solutions while making sure it's still cost-effective. Along the way, we discovered some good practices, which I'll share with all of you.

Making Open AI work for you, using Semantic Kernel

When browsing the internet, it looks like everyone is creating a solution using AI nowadays. But how to start? And how can you incorporate the large language models, used by Open AI, in your own solutions?

During this session I'll do a small intro on how to work with Open AI. Once we all understand the basics, we'll continue exploring Semantic Kernel. This lightweight SDK helps working with the LLMs in your existing codebase.

This session is based on real world project experience using the service & SDK. Afterwards, you'll understand how the Open AI services, in combination with Semantic Kernel, can help add functionality to your current or future projects, and the steps to implement it.

Serverless 360 webinar

Presented a session for designing serverless solutions in Microsoft Azure.

January 2023

Webdev Zwolle

Presented my session `Going Paaswordless in Azure` during this meetup.

April 2022 Zwolle, Netherlands

Move Up with 4dotnet

Presented my session `Going PaaSwordless in Azure` at this event, which was broadcasted to all attendees.

March 2022 Nieuwegein, Netherlands

European Cloud Summit

November 2021 Düsseldorf, Germany

Move Up with 4dotnet

Presented my `Next level security for your Azure applications` session at this virtual event.

November 2021 Nieuwegein, Netherlands

Build Stuff 2021 Lithuania

November 2021 Vilnius, Lithuania

NDC Sydney 2021

November 2021

Update Now 2020

November 2020 Prague, Czechia

2020 All Day DevOps

November 2020

NDC Sydney 2020

October 2020 Sydney, Australia

Global Azure Virtual

April 2020 Seattle, Washington, United States

Future Tech 2020

March 2020 Utrecht, Netherlands

2019 All Day DevOps

November 2019

MVPDays Azure Day Online

May 2019 Calgary, Canada

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Jan de Vries

Software Engineer at Microsoft

Lemmer, Netherlands