Jan-Tore Pedersen

Jan-Tore Pedersen

Spirhed Managing Consultant & CDM MVP

Oslo, Norway

With over 14 years of experience in the IT industry and an Cloud and Datacenter MVP. Jan-Tore joined Spriehd(Former CT Global Norway) in April 2018 as a Senior Datacenter Consultant focusing on Software-Defined Datacenter, Azure Stack, Azure. Previous worked as a Senior Consultant for the 2017 Partner of the Year, and before that worked as a Senior Engineer at InfrontFinance responsible for their entire infrastructure. Jan-Tore has been blogging for 4 years and just started taking up presenting at conferences to share his knowledge of these technologies. Previous Speaker experience includes Nordic Infrastructure Conference in Norway, CDC Germany and Experts Live Netherlands.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure Stack HCI
  • Azure Arc
  • Azure Arc enabled servers
  • Azure
  • Microsoft Azure

15 Months on Managing Windows Servers with Windows Admin Center

In this session you will learn about real life experience using Windows Admin Center with Windows servers. Windows Admin Center will be a full replacement for all the old legacy MMC admin tools we have used since Windows Server 2003 like event viewer, task manager, Server Manager and so on Our friends at Microsoft realized that we needed a new tool to manage our servers and came up with this replacement as the gui less management is still a while out.

We will cover the changes that has happened the last 15 months. You will learn how to use Windows Admin Center in your day to day operations. This session will be very demo heavy, and will cover your day to day use.

What's new in Windows Server 2019 and Storage Spaces Direct

In this session you will learn what's new in Windows Server 2019 for the LTSB channel and the marvels the engineers at Microsoft has brought out for this release. We will dive into Storage Spaces Direct, Storage Replica and all other new features that have been released in this new release. You will also learn how to handle LTSB vs SAC releases going forward. This session will be filled with demos, tips and tricks and resources. Stay tuned for an updated description as more information is being released about what's coming.

2+ years of Storage Spaces Direct, the good the bad and the ugly

Jan-Tore Pedersen Senior Datacenter Consultant

In this session you will hear about real life experiences in deploying, running and monitoring Storage Spaces Direct. What experiences have we gained in the 2 years since S2D was released? What obstacles you as an admin can face and have faced. You will learn about the good, the bad and the ugly scenarios that you as a user can experience when deploying Storage Spaces Direct. This session will focus on deployment, upgrading, running and patching scenarios, and will be very demo heavy.

You will learn
• How Storage Spaces Direct has progressed in the last 2,5 years
• How to easy upgrade from 2016 to 2019
• What not to do with S2D
What to look for in a safe and solid S2D deployment, patching, networking and configuration

Deploying and managing your HyperConverged S2D solution with Virtual Machine Manager

In this session we will go trough deployment and managment of a HyperConverged S2D solution with Virtual Machine Manager.

- You will learn how to deploy a physical host to S2D with VMM
- You will learn how to manage your S2D Hyper-V hosts with VMM
- You will learn how to deploy and manage your Virtual Machines with VMM

Designing and building a backup solution with Data Protection Manager

In this session we will look at how to design and build a backup solution with System Center Data Protection Manager

We will look at different storage scenarios, how to scope and build your DPM backup solutions.

We will look into how to create your Protection groups for different backups.

We will cover how to configure Azure Online Protection.

And how to create reports and alerting.

Understanding what Azure Stack HCI is and how it fit's in your Datacenter

In this session we will talk about what Azure Stack HCI is, how it fit's in your datacenter, looking at how it should be configured and why you should choose it.

We will go trough the basics, how the storage works and why Azure Stack HCI is the leading HyperConverged solution in the world in performance.

We will also cover some real life scenarios. When you should choose a Hybrid deployment, when you should choose all flash. And how all the different components you have at your disposal should work together.

Jan-Tore Pedersen

Spirhed Managing Consultant & CDM MVP

Oslo, Norway