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Jason Romans

Jason Romans

Builder of models

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


Jason Romans is a Business Intelligence engineer in Nashville, TN working with the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack. Jason started his career as a DBA and over the years moved to working in his passion of Business Intelligence and data modeling. His first computer was a Commodore 64 and he's been hooked ever since.


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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft Power BI
  • DAX
  • Data Modeling

Power up your Fabric Development with DAX Studio and Tabular Editor

Do you have a slow Power BI report? This session will equip you with the knowledge to address the issue of slow Power BI reports.

Whether you are just starting on your Power BI Journey or an experienced Power BI developer these tools enhance your development and analysis of your data. This session will cover connecting to Power BI Desktop, Power BI Premium Workspaces, and Fabric Workspaces to meet you where you currently are. DAX Studio and Tabular Editor are part of the study guide for the DP-600 exam for Fabric, so this is the perfect time to start learning how to put them to good use.

The first tool we will look at is DAX Studio. Its strength is being able to analyze your data separately from Power BI and Fabric. You can use it to quickly gather statistics about multiple semantic models. Has a user reported that one of the reports is running slow? You can use DAX Studio to do DAX performance tuning to make it faster.

The second tool is Tabular Editor 2. It gives you the ability to check to see if your models are following best practices. You can make changes to your models whether they are running in Power BI Desktop, Power BI Premium, or Fabric Workspaces. With Tabular Editor you can use scripts to automate changes that if done manually could take days.

These are just some of the topics we will cover as we learn how valuable these tools can be. This session will have the greatest benefit to someone new to DAX Studio and Tabular Editor regardless of where you are on your Fabric journey.

Unlock the Power of Power BI with Calculation Groups

You make a great data model in Power BI. It has calculations that are essential to the business. So much so that you get requests to create multiple versions of those measures such as Month to Date, Quarter to Date, and Year to Date. With the multiple variations of each measure in the model it has increased the complexity.

One solution to this problem is Calculation Groups. Calculation Groups in Power BI allow you to separate out the MTD, YTD, and QTD logic and reuse the measures you already created. Calculation Groups’ primary goal is to make DAX code less complicated. It allows users to display the variations for each measure in a report.

We will cover how to create Calculation Groups in Power BI and cover best practices. After attending this session, you will know how to:
• Create calculation groups
• Use multiple Calculation Groups in the same model
• Employ best practices when using Calculation Groups

Basics of building a data model in Power BI

So, you want to start using Power BI. You have a couple of data sources that you want to bring in. How do you go about bringing in this data? How do you build a data model out of this data?

This can be a daunting task and one we will tackle from the beginning. First, we will look at using Power Query to bring in the data. Then we will examine how to best create the data model.

We will cover some of the best practices when developing the data model so that it scales well. One of the benefits of having a well-designed model is the DAX code can be easier to understand.

Power BI and External Tools: This is the way!

Much like an adventurer roaming the galaxy – Power BI is better when it is not a solo traveler. What lies beneath the tab in Power BI named external tools, there are a lot of choices to consider, each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

These tools offer the ability to execute queries against the model, gather insights about your data model, and make changes to the data model separate from Power BI Desktop.

This session will cover an overview of the tools available, so you don’t spend a lot of time straying from the path.

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Topic: Power up your Fabric Development with DAX Studio and Tabular Editor

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Jason Romans

Builder of models

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


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