Javier Villegas

Information & Communications Technology

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Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Javier Villegas

Mediterranean Shipping Company, IT Director - Microsoft MVP Data Platform

Javier Villegas is IT Director (DBA & BI Services) at Mediterranean Shipping Company with more than 20 years of experience working with SQL Server, Including Azure SQL.
His specialization is Administration, Performance Tuning, High Availability and Disaster Recovery.
Javier is a Microsoft MVP Data Platform since 2016 and MCT
He is a frequent speaker in technical conferences and events such as SQL Saturdays, PASS Virtual Groups, PASS Marathons, 24 Hours SQL PASS , vOpen , GroupBy , Data Saturdays and Azure Global Bootcamps.
He is one of the group leaders of SQL Argentina Community and Microsoft Azure Data Advisory Board Member

Javier Villegas

Mediterranean Shipping Company, IT Director - Microsoft MVP Data Platform

Javier Villegas es IT Director (DBA & BI Services ) con más de 20 años trabajando con SQL Server , incluyendo Azure SQL.
Lleva 15 años trabajando en Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) como responsable de la Plataforma de Datos.
Su especialización es performance tuning , alta disponibilidad y disaster recovery.
Javier es Microsoft MVP en la categoria de Data Platform desde 2016 y tambien MCT
El es orador frecuente en conferencias y eventos como SQL Saturday, PASS Virtual Groups, 24 Hours SQL PASS, NetConf, GroupBy , Data Saturdays y Azure Global Bootcamps.
Tambien es uno de los lideres de la comunidad SQL Argentina y Microsoft Azure Data Advisory Board Member

Current sessions

Introduction to Azure Data Platform

Azure Data Platform offers various services for all data professionals (Data Scientist, DBA, Developers, etc.)
We will know all these services in order to select the most convenient for our next project

The evolution of SQL Server as a Service - Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

We will look at the future of SQL Server as a Service. Azure SQL Managed Instance is a new PaaS service that allows us to have almost 100% compatibility with the SQL Server On-Premise platform. allowing us to quickly migrate to the cloud all our applications. We will make an introduction to this technology and showing how to create a MI and migrate our databases

SQL Server in Docker Containers

Container en entornos de DevOps en una tecnologia que esta creciendo a gran velocidad.
En esta sesion veremos como instalar Docker para luego hacer multiples deployments de distintas versiones de SQL Server en cuestion de minutos. Tambien veremos como crear y distribuir nuestros propios containers, como asi tambien correr containers en Azure

SQL Server 2019 New features

We will cover all the features related to performance and Security from the latest SQL Server Version

Power BI, Analysis Services and On-Premise Data Gateway Use cases

We will review and discuss about several real-life use cases related to Power BI, Analysis Services (Including Azure AS) as well as On-Premise Data gateway. Covering workarounds and troubleshooting scenarios

Performance Features in SQL Server and Azure SQL

We will cover all the latest features in SQL Server and Azure SQL that are intended to improve performance and make workloads more stable. We will cover Query Store, Automatic Query Tuning and Intelligent Query Processing

Monitoring and Troubleshooting SQL Server environments using Free community tools

In this session we will see how to monitor and troubleshoot different SQL Server environments using free tools developed by community experts
We will cover First Responder Kit , Diagnostics Queries, BPCCheck, dbatools / dbachecks and more

Introduction to Azure SQL

In this session we will cover the different options available in Azure SQL in order to select the appropriate option for our next cloud project. We will see practical cases of how to migrate our on-premises databases to Azure SQL

High Availability and Disaster Recovery in SQL Server and Azure SQL

In this session we will learn all about the different HA/DR options for SQL Server and Azure SQL (Azure SQL Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Database and Managed Instance)
We will see how to setup a solution to have our SQL environment available even in a case of a mayor disaster in our own Datacenter or an Azure Region

Past and future events

Cloud Lunch and Learn

1 Jan 2021 - 31 Dec 2021

Azure Summit

13 Sep 2021 - 23 Sep 2021

Gira Online Speaker LATAM 2021-GOLD Edition

5 Jul 2021 - 24 Jul 2021


14 Jul 2020 - 15 Jul 2020

Global Azure Bootcamp Buenos Aires 2019

27 Apr 2019
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina