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Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Jayakumar Balasubramaniam

Hubfly, Product Lead

(MCT) Microsoft Certified Trainer | (MCSD) Microsoft Certified Professional in Azure and Dot Net. A technology evangelist working on Microsoft 365, SharePoint & Azure. Gets my hands dirty with latest and greatest of SharePoint, Azure & front-end frameworks. Currently working with “Hubfly – A unified digital workplace” as a Product Engineer. Getting in to the depth of the domain & technology, with my eyes for perfection, ensures that the product releases go right every time. Recognized as C# Corner MVP.

Jayakumar Balasubramaniam

Current sessions

Use Azure Functions to implement Site Design for SharePoint SubSites

In this session we will see how to use the power of Azure Functions a serverless component along with Power Shell to implement the site designs and maintain consistency of the SharePoint site look and feel.

SPFx Outlook add-in with Azure Cognitive services to detect the sentiment before sending email

SharePoint Framework which extending it footprints across Microsoft365.

In this session we will learn how to implement SPFx Outlook Add-in to analyze the sentiment using AI intelligence with help of Azure Cognitive services when composing an email.
It will help you to ensure you are sending out a proper email to your clients/colleagues.

Let's connect and learn with some cool demos.

Secure your .Net core API endpoints with Authentication and Authorization

In this session let's learn how always we can secure your .Net core API endpoints with Authentication and Authorization.

We will quickly cover how to design your .net core application as an API and how to handle the endpoints. Also, we will cover how to enable different authorization for different endpoints and how to handle the authorization roles for each endpoints that we build.It will also covers some concepts in .Net core API routing.

Also in this session we will cover what are the .net core specific architectural benefits that developers can utilize to make the development/security/deployment in an easy way.

Join with men to take away great insights. I'm working as a Product Lead at Hubfly, I'm (MCT) Microsoft Certified Trainer | (MCSD) Microsoft Certified Professional in Azure and Dot Net. A technology evangelist working on Microsoft 365, SharePoint & Azure.

Performance/Load test of your .Net core applciation using Azure App insights and Azure DevOps

In this session we will learn how to automate the load testing or performance testing for our .net core applications hosted as an Azure App Service and test it out with bulk attacks to test the app.

Here we will be using Azure DevOps and Azure App Insights to get this job done.

Let's explore more in the live session.

Microsoft Dataflex - a new low-code data platform for Microsoft Teams

In this session we will explore how to use Microsoft Dataflex. The new functionality enables users to easily build applications and bots directly within Teams, empowering business users to rapidly respond to changing business needs and create custom solutions.

Let's learn how to open multiple of instances of Microsoft Teams in Windows machine

Tired of managing multiple Microsoft Teams accounts in different different browsers?

In this quick talk let's see a way to solve this problem make your day to day official life easy!

Improve user experiences with real-time learning Azure AI Personaliser service

Have you heard about Azure AI personalizer service?? May be not it's in preview but let's explore in this session

We will learn how to give users relevant experiences that improve over time, based on their behaviour using Azure Cognitive service.

How to enrich your SharePoint development skills to build custom apps for Microsoft Teams

Are you a SharePoint Developer? Do you need any special skills to develop apps for Microsoft Teams?

Answer is Big NO. In this session let's see how you can enrich your SharePoint development skills and keep your contents synced with SharePoint and teams. At the end of session you will learn how you can become an app developer for Microsoft Teams

Explore the power of webhooks and Microsoft Graph extension in Microsoft Teams

In this session we will learn what is web hooks different types in it and what can we do with Microsoft Graph extensions to built our custom app/bot for Microsoft Teams

Explore delta query in Microsoft Graph to stay on top of the data changes in real time

Tired of fetching the real time data every time and compare it with local data to keep it sync?

In this session let's explore Microsoft graph delta query to address the problem and keep your local data store always in sync by tracking only the changes in Microsoft Graph Data using Delta Query.

Everything you need to learn about SharePoint Spaces

Have you ever imagined your intranet with mixed reality vision?Are you bored of building or seeing regular intranets? Imagine intranet an intranet with 3D view.

SharePoint Spaces gives you answer for all these questions. In this session we will see how to implement SP Spaces in your SharePoint site

Building multilingual Communication sites in SharePoint Online

In this session we will see how to ensure diversity of contents when you build an Intranet for an Organization.

How about giving multilingual communication sites with pages and webparts translated and delivered contents based on user desired language?

Let's explore that here with live demo

Build intelligent bots using Azure Logic Apps with No Code

In this session we will explore how to built bots with the help of Azure Logic apps and go live within minutes. It's a great sample for the the business people to automate the process.

Build and Deploy reusable components with SharePoint Framework Library component type

In this session we will learn how to build and deploy shared SPFx components which can be used by SPFx webparts and SPFx extensions from appcatalog just like third party components.

It ensures we can reuse the SPFx components for the entire tenant and reduces dev effort in building it again.

Azure Cognitive Face API - what's there beyond face detection?

Have you wonder building enterprise application using Azure Cognitive service? If you do so, how will you manage user data.

Azure Cognitive service for Face, is it all about face detection? What's there beyond face detection to build an enterprise application. Let's explore answer or solution for all these in this session.

Past and future events

Global AI On Tour - NYC

16 Jan 2021


10 Dec - 11 Dec 2020

2020 Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp, Hamburg, DE

27 Nov 2020

Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2020 - Trivandrum, Kerala

13 Nov 2020

M365 Chicago - Virtual Event

13 Nov 2020
Chicago, Illinois, United States

aOS Southeast Asia 2020

22 Oct - 23 Oct 2020

M365 Saturday Ottawa

17 Oct 2020
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2020– Hyderabad, India

16 Oct 2020

Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2020 @ Chennai

9 Oct 2020
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

TeamsFest | October 2020

6 Oct 2020

SharePoint Saturday Saskatchewan 2020

3 Oct 2020
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Virtual NetCoreConf II 2020

1 Oct - 3 Oct 2020

Teams Day Online 2

30 Sep - 1 Oct 2020

M365 Saturday Gurgaon 2020

18 Sep - 19 Sep 2020

Swiss Lightning Talks

14 Sep 2020

Tri-State Office 365 User Group Meetup

Build and Deploy reusable components with SharePoint Framework Library component type
8 Sep 2020

ServerlessDays ANZ 2020

3 Sep 2020

C# Corner Community Webinar

How to Architect your .Net Core API to deploy using Azure API Gateway
29 Aug 2020

Microsoft Build Recap 2020

The Importance of Microsoft Identity Platform in Azure
15 Aug 2020


How to add Azure App Insights to your angular app
25 Jul 2020

M365 Philly (AKA SPS Philly)

21 Jul - 23 Jul 2020
Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States


14 Jul - 15 Jul 2020

Teams Collaboration - Power Community

Increase productivity with Azure DevOps - Power BI - Microsoft Teams
11 Jul 2020

SharePoint Framework Webinar Deep Dive Webinar Series

SPFx Deep Dive Webinar Series: Enabling Multilingual in SPFx web parts
You Tube link of the talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L1QEeu7eP8&t=165s
30 May 2020

Trivandrum TechCon20

Create a mobile application using Flutter and Integrate with API
25 Jan 2020

SPS Bangalore 2019

Leverage SharePoint Framework (SPFx) development using Microsoft Graph API
30 Nov 2019

Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp 2019

Building SPFx solutions for Teams and SharePoint Online
19 Oct 2019

C# Corner Community Webinar

How to secure Azure App Service using AAD/Microsoft/FB/Twitter/Google Authentication.
12 Oct 2019

Microsoft Insider Dev Tour - 2019

Use your Dev Skills and the Microsoft Graph to build Apps for Microsoft Teams
29 Jun 2019

SPS-Hyderabad 2019

SharePoint Online – Analyze User Feedback using Sentiment Analysis API and Microsoft Flow
9 Mar 2019

Azure Day 2019

Overview of the Azure Content Delivery Network
16 Feb 2019