Jeff Foushee

Jeff Foushee

Principal {Various}, Humana Inc.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States


Jeff Foushee has blurred the line between developer and DBA since 1996. He collects knowledge in different programming languages, as well as collects attractions on RoadsideAmerica.com .

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • .NET
  • PowerShell
  • python
  • SQL Server
  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • T-SQL
  • Azure
  • Raspberry Pi
  • MySQL
  • SQLSaturday

The T-SQL LIKE Operator, beyond %

It's no secret the T-SQL LIKE operator is not Regular Expression-strength, but you may not be aware of its capabilities beyond the %-wildcard. Let's explore the other special abilities it has.

Beginner-level class, 100-level class, lightning-talk

The T-SQL TRANSLATE() Operator

Do you or a loved one suffer from nested REPLACE() statements? You may be entitled to emotional compensation after learning about the TRANSLATE() function. Join me as we learn basic and nuanced behaviors of this undervalued syntax.

Beginner-level class, 100-level class, lightning-talk


Ever wish your horizontal data were vertical for easier data storage, as well as vice-versa for reporting purposes? Are you writing elaborate routines to transform between them for one-time usage? Are your queries repeating “OUTER JOIN” or “UNION” so often that you wind up back in Kansas when you read them aloud? Let's visit SQL Server’s lesser-known PIVOT and UNPIVOT operators. After this session, you will no longer need to rotate your monitor!

Intermediate, 300-level class, 60-minute slot

Chew on That!: Sending DataTables and DataFrames to SQL Stored Procedures

Working with data row-by-row is a hassle. What if we could send an entire dataset to a stored procedure? Let's look at SQL Server User-Defined Table Types, least-privileged security, performance tuning, and advantages/disadvantages. We'll also look at code to call them from .NET, Python and PowerShell. There's something for both DBAs and developers!

Intermediate-level class, 200-level class, 45 - 60 minute slot

The T-SQL JSON Operators

Officer Reese, someone got semi-structured data in my relational! No worries; let's look at the various T-SQL functions we can use to query and create JSON data within SQL Server! Some of these functions are new for SQL Server 2022.

Beginner-level class, 200-level class, 60-minute slot

SQL Saturday RVA 2024 Sessionize Event

May 2024 Richmond, Virginia, United States

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May 2024 Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Derby City Data Days

April 2024 Louisville, Kentucky, United States

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February 2024 Alpharetta, Georgia, United States

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January 2024 Lexington, Kentucky, United States

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Global Devops Bootcamp 2019

June 2019 Louisville, Kentucky, United States

SQLSaturday #624

June 2017 Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States

SQLSaturday #593

March 2017 Birmingham, Alabama, United States

SQLSaturday #480

January 2016 Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States

SQLSaturday #333

October 2014 St. Louis, Missouri, United States

SQLSaturday #304

August 2014 Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

SQLSaturday #286

June 2014 Louisville, Kentucky, United States

Jeff Foushee

Principal {Various}, Humana Inc.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States


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