Jeffrey Strauss

Jeffrey Strauss

Community Advocate. Believer in People.

St. Louis, Missouri, United States


Jeff is an executive consultant, a community organizer, an open source advocate, and an attorney. As the Global Lead for Community and Developer Relations at Progress Chef, he maintains a passion for bringing people together in ways that both evolve internal practices and promote technical thought leadership across the industry. In addition, he regularly consults with Fortune 500 business leaders to help them understand and chart their own community paths in a world of ever-changing and modernizing technology solutions.

A long-time dedicated member of the developer community, Jeff has been a director of the .NET Foundation and a Microsoft MVP, and travels internationally to speak on technical, business, and community-oriented topics. He serves as a lead organizer for the Kansas City Developer Conference, #MetaConference, and Dev Around The Sun.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Law & Regulation
  • Business & Management


  • Developer Communities
  • Open Source Software
  • DevOps & Automation
  • Personal Growth
  • Web Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Azure
  • ASP.NET Core
  • JavaScript
  • Intellectual Property

IP Fundamentals—Trust Me, I'm a Lawyer

Today, more than ever, technologists need to be aware of the basics of intellectual property law and the broad effects this area of law has on decisions you make every day. There is a prevalent myth that if something is available on the Internet, it must be free to copy and use as we please. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This session will cover some of the core principles of IP, including a look at the major areas of IP legal protection—copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret. Become a better informed technologist and gain the confidence to discuss these topics with your professional advisors and with your own team.

Starting Over

Adversity. A necessary component of life. Inevitably, we all reach professional and personal moments that require us to take a deep breath and a giant step back. Moving forward again often feels difficult, even impossible. We suffer, immobilized by fear.

But fear is more than some pesky roadblock. It is a rational response to adversity. Whether facing a major code refactoring, the changing technology landscape, a new role, or even a fresh career, we can learn to leverage fear and uncertainty to move beyond our hurdles and get the job done! Key life skills exist that can be developed to conquer adversity. Learn to assess risks, build relationships, and recognize opportunities for growth.

Starting over may seem insurmountable. Armed with the right skills, perspective, and a little patience, nothing truly is.

JavaScript Futures—ES2019 and Beyond

JavaScript keeps on expanding. As adoption of extensive new features has spread and projects have adapted over the last few years, the language has continued to evolve under the guidance of Ecma TC39. Over the past three years, beyond ES6, another handful of constructs entered the ECMAScript specification. And there are nearly two dozen more proposals on the cusp of being added.

One thing is certain: the JavaScript community is not slowing down! How can we determine when it is “safe” to use a new feature? Investigate the new and proposed features of JavaScript. Understand the TC39 review process. And most of all, become empowered to prepare for what lies ahead.

Multithreaded JavaScript—Web Workers and Atomics

For better or worse, JavaScript is single-threaded by design. For over 50 years Moore’s Law has described persistent exponential growth in computational power, but physical limitations have slowed that trend. Advancement now comes through the use of multiple CPUs and cores. This is fine for languages featuring threads and task-based architectures. But what about JavaScript?

Thankfully, new paradigms handle parallelism over the web. Web Worker constructs allow long-running code to execute in the background without blocking the UI. Shared Memory and Atomic operations allow true sharing of data among worker processes. Learn to leverage these exciting features to responsibly improve the performance and responsiveness of your web applications!

What You Need to Know About Open Source—Trust Me, I'm a Lawyer

Open source tools. We all use them. Whether an entire framework, a focused toolkit, or a simple custom component from GitHub, npm, or NuGet, the opportunity to improve our development speed while learning new things from open source projects is enticing.

But what does “open source” truly mean? What are our rights and limitations as open source consumers to use, modify, and redistribute these tools in a professional environment? The answer depends upon the OSS author's own decisions regarding project licensing. Come investigate the core principles of open source development and consumption while comparing and contrasting some of the more popular licenses in use today. Learn to make better decisions for your organization by becoming informed of how best to leverage the open source works of others and also how to properly license your own.

Start Me Up: Configuration and DI in ASP.NET Core

Adoption of ASP.NET Core continues to grow in development shops around the world. The .NET community offers a nice selection of templates for getting a new project moving quickly. On the other hand, more complex applications may require you to go deeper than what comes out of the box. The configuration and dependency injection systems in ASP.NET Core are flexible and powerful, and it is worth understanding the details of how a modern web application on the framework spins up on start.

This session provides a walkthrough of the Startup and Program classes, the host and app builders, configuration, DI, and middleware. Learn how to build your own middleware providers and pipeline. Create custom extension methods to register services with your application quickly and easily. Leverage the power of ASP.NET Core to work best for you and your organization.

Practical Serverless Computing with Azure Functions

Over the last several years, serverless computing has steadily become more in vogue. By now, most of us have heard industry experts and cloud hyperscalers extol the benefits of leveraging "functions as a service." We have seen the basic demos and heard the punchlines that there are, of course, still servers in serverless. However, many development teams are not exploring the use of serverless computing as a viable solution for their needs, and often they do not even know when they should.

In truth, serverless is not a panacea for ALL of our cloud woes, but there are many compelling use cases that will speed solution deployment, lower costs, and improve efficiencies. This talk will identify practical scenarios for serverless computing. Using Azure Functions, we will explore several built-in triggers and connectors, integrate serverless solutions with third-party systems, and learn how to chain functions and other components together into useful workflows. Even if you are only now coming to the party, it is not too late—under the correct circumstances—to join the serverless revolution.

Why Developer Communities Matter

Conventional wisdom states that successful developers can only grow their careers by climbing into positions of management. Yet how many techies have the desire (or, let’s face it, the necessary skills) to trade in their IDEs to become people managers?

There is another path—one where personal growth benefits more than just one person. It is the path where good developers become GREAT community leaders! Whether through blogging, public speaking, working forums, or dedicating time to mentoring others, supporting the #DeveloperCommunity is among the most rewarding and meaningful of professional pursuits.

I have spent over a decade building, advising, and leading developer communities, internally and around the world. The scenarios have all been vastly different, but the net positive outcomes for those impacted have always been the same: increased engagement, new business opportunities, energetic growth, attraction of great talent, and overall happier people.

Want to learn more about why developer communities matter? This talk will help you make the pragmatic business case for developing and growing your community. It will give you a rundown on how to get started, or expand the efforts you’ve already begun. There is more than one way to evolve and advance in your career and your team. By focusing on developer communities, you can level yourself up while having a positive impact on your organization and the entire industry.

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October 2022 Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

NDC Oslo 2022 Sessionize Event

September 2022 Oslo, Norway

KCDC 2022

Principal Organizer

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April 2022 Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2022

Microsoft MVP Participant

March 2022 Redmond, Washington, United States

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Microsoft MVP Participant

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May 2020 Stockholm, Sweden

Dev Around The Sun

Principal Organizer

May 2020

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April 2020 Porto, Portugal

CodeStock 2020 Sessionize Event

April 2020 Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

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April 2020 Calgary, Canada

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March 2020 Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2020

Microsoft MVP Participant

March 2020 Redmond, Washington, United States

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February 2020 Overland Park, Kansas, United States

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November 2019 Denver, Colorado, United States

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November 2019 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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October 2019 Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

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Principal Organizer

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June 2019 Winnipeg, Canada

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May 2019 Antwerpen, Belgium

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Microsoft MVP Participant

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January 2019 London, United Kingdom

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November 2018 Sofia, Bulgaria

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October 2018 Utrecht, The Netherlands

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September 2018 Sydney, Australia

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July 2018

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Principal Organizer

July 2018 Kansas City, Missouri, United States

Prairie Dev Con 2018

June 2018 Winnipeg, Canada

Music City Tech 2018


May 2018 Nashville, Tennessee, United States

NDC Minnesota 2018 Sessionize Event

May 2018

Univ. of Illinois WebCon 2018

April 2018 Champaign, Illinois, United States

Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2018

Microsoft MVP Participant

March 2018 Redmond, Washington, United States

DevNexus 2018

February 2018 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

CodeMash 2018

January 2018 Sandusky, Ohio, United States

Jeffrey Strauss

Community Advocate. Believer in People.

St. Louis, Missouri, United States


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