Jeremy Hutchinson

Jeremy Hutchinson

Microsoft Azure MVP

Jeremy, a Senior Software Engineer at Quicken Loans and Microsoft Azure MVP, has been developing line of business applications for 15 years primarily in the Microsoft Stack. He has a passion for writing clean, scalable code and sharing what he has learned with other.

Current sessions

Leveraging Azure Search in Your Application

Learn how to incorporate Azure Search into your application to allow your users to find the data they are looking for. The session will start with how to create, populate and search indexes. Then it will cover how to quickly add more advanced query capabilities such as type-ahead, facets, phonetic search and more.

Understanding Your Application with Application Insights

Stop flying blind and use Azure Application Insights to monitor web site availability, performance, feature usage and exceptions. In this sessions you will learn how to add Application Insights to any application, what kind of information it can provide and how to use that information to make your application better for your users.

Visual Studio Productivity Tips

In this rapid fire session you'll learn to harness the full power of Visual Studio with 50+ tips covering the useful and underutilized features of Visual Studio to make you happier and more productive.

I have about 115 tips I can go through and can make it through about 60 tips in 50 minutes. In this session I will cover the tips I think are the most useful and underutilized.

I also offer this as two separate sessions where I cover all the tips.

If you choose this session you please don't choose
Visual Studio Productivity Tips - Part 1
Visual Studio Productivity Tips - Part 2

Past and future events

Granite State Code Camp 2018

3 Nov 2018
Manchester, New Hampshire, United States