Jerod Johnson

Jerod Johnson

Technology Evangelist

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Jerod moved through life as a high school math and computer science teacher, developer support engineer, and software developer before landing in his current role as a technology evangelist, writing about, demo-ing, and presenting data connectivity solutions. In the wild, you’ll find Jerod spending time with his wife and kids, out climbing some rocks (or plastic holds), or gathered around a table with friends playing board games.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Replications
  • Databases
  • Data Integration
  • APIs

Why Standards-Based Drivers Offer Better API Integration

As enterprises grow, so too does the number and variety of data sources they use to drive business. The average company is using at least sixteen SaaS applications and has data in at least that many on-premises data stores and internal apps.

With such disparate data, each tied to a unique API, integrating, managing, and maintaining integrations for all of a company’s data creates a whole new set of challenges. Thankfully, solutions exist that enable enterprises to rely on data to drive business without causing undue strain. In this session, we’ll explore and compare the different options for solving the data integration problem and explain why you should be using standards-based drivers to abstract your API integrations.

SQL for Web APIs - Simplifying Data Access for API Consumers

As the data world evolves, businesses are moving more of their data out of databases and into SaaS applications. Despite the migration, SQL remains a ubiquitous language for data access, so much so that many SaaS applications and non-relational cloud data stores support SQL endpoints in their APIs. While these endpoints allow users to leverage SQL queries to easily request data, there are still costly challenges to overcome when it comes to processing and managing the returned data.

In this session, we’ll showcase popular APIs that offer SQL endpoints, explore the benefits of providing customers SQL access, and cover how standards-based drivers enable SaaS integration and self-service data access through SQL.

Austin API Summit 2019

Why Standards-Based Drivers Offer Better API Integration

May 2019 Austin, Texas, United States

SQLSaturday #863 - Raleigh 2019

SQL Access to SaaS/Cloud Data through PolyBase and Linked Servers

April 2019 Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Couchbase Connect SV 2018

Business Intelligence Over Couchbase Analytics

September 2018 San Jose, California, United States

Microsoft Business Apps Summit 2018

CData Power BI Connectors - Next Generation Data Access for Power BI

July 2018 Seattle, Washington, United States

SQLSaturday #716 - New York City 2018

SQL Integration Hubs - Bridge Cloud and On-Premise Data Connectivity

May 2018 New York City, New York, United States

SQLSaturday #714 - Philadelphia 2018

REST Easy - Instant APIs for YOur Database

April 2018 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

SQLSaturday #721 - Raleigh 2018

REST Easy - Instant APIs for Your Database

April 2018 Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Philly.NET Code Camp 2017.1

The State of Data Today: A Developer's Nightmare

February 2017 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

HPCC Systems Engineering Summit - Community Day 2016

Seeing Your HPCC Systems Data Where You Want

October 2016 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Jerod Johnson

Technology Evangelist

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

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