Jérôme Laban

Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Jérôme Laban

CTO @ Uno Platform

Jerome Laban has been programming since 1998, mainly involved in .NET and C# development as teacher, trainer, consultant in France. He is the CTO of Uno Platform in Montreal, a framework aiming at improving the development cycle of cross-platform apps using Windows, iOS, Android and WebAssembly using Mono and Xamarin.

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Current sessions

Introduction to the Open Source Uno Platform

Developing cross-platform apps for Windows, iOS, Android and WebAssembly can be a complex process, especially when it comes to the user interface. Each platform has its own ways of defining dynamic layouts, with some being more efficient, some more verbose, some more elegant, and some more performant than others.

Luckily, the open source Uno Platform removes many complexities and enables developers to reuse known XAML and C# skills, resulting in a gain of overall productivity when creating UI-rich and data-driven applications. Come learn what Uno Platform is all about!

Building WebAssembly apps with Microsoft's stack - Lessons from the trenches

WebAssembly has huge implications for the web— it provides a way to run code written in multiple languages on the web at near native speed, with client apps running on the web that previously couldn’t have done so Jerome Laban, CTO at nventive, will discuss (or - will share our real-project experiences to date on) how to build rich business apps with WebAssembly.

You will learn, in this talk, how to reuse .NET Standard application and C# code to make your applications run across all modern browsers and all OS with WASM. In this session, not only you will be able to see the magic happen in front of your very eyes - build and deploy a fully functional cross-platform app right before your eyes, you will also learn how to create cross-platform apps with maximum code reuse using C# and XAML that can work on WebAssembly but also on iOS, Android, Windows.

Goodbye JavaScript, Hello (again) XAML and C#

You've got your Silverlight or WPF application and you're being requested to make your app available for the Web and Mobile.

You had considered moving to web technologies, but the JavaScript stack just doesn't cut it for you and takes you out of your comfort and productivity zone.

The combination of advances in WebAssembly and the open source Uno Platform changes the game and allows you to reuse your XAML and C# skills to build Rich Web and Mobile applications. Learn how to get your app modernized for the Web using WebAssembly and Xamarin for Mobile, using the Visual Studio UWP tooling with C# and XAML Edit and Continue to make the development loop as short as possible and get your app deployed everywhere faster.