Jesse Liberty Liberty

Jesse Liberty Liberty

Microsoft MVP, Xamarin MVP, Certified Mobile Developer

Acton, Massachusetts, United States

“Jesse is one of the best in the world at explaining technology.” – John Papa.

Liberty hosts the popular Yet Another Podcast and he is the author of two dozen best-selling books. He is also the author of numerous Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning courses on everything from Angular to Xamarin. Liberty is a Certified Xamarin Developer, a Xamarin MVP and a Microsoft MVP.

Jesse was a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, Distinguished Software Engineer at AT&T; Software Architect for PBS and Vice President of Information Technology at Citibank, and he was on the teaching staff at Brandeis University.

He is an internationally recognized speaker on many topics; currently focused on .NET APIs

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Xamarin.Forms
  • C#
  • Git

.NET MAUI for C# Programmers

.NET MAUI is Microsoft's cross-platform framework for creating native applications in iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. This course will take you through a meaningful MAUI application and show you how you can create non-trivial applications using C#.

.NET MAUI for Xamarin.Forms Programmers.

.NET MAUI is the powerful successor technology for Xamarin.Forms and this session will show you the changes and improvements.

Advanced .NET MAUI

Go beyond the fundamentals and learn how to make .NET MAUI powerful enough for real-world, non-trivial apps.

.NET MAUI for Xamarin.Forms Programmers.

There is nothing more important for XF programmers to learn than .NET MAUI. The good news is that it isn't a difficult transition and MAUI programming is terrific. In this presentation I assume you have XF experience and thus we can go beyond the basics.

Introduction to .NET MAUI

An overview of .NET MAUI for newbies, by examining a non-trivial application.

No prior Xamarin or mobile experience necessary. Familiarity with C# very helpful but not required. 45-60 minutes.

Get Git In One Hour

Git is notoriously difficult to learn; but in this session, you will learn all you need to know to be highly productive. The secret sauce is using a Graphical User Interface on top of Git.

Boston Code Camp 36 Upcoming

March 2024 Burlington, Massachusetts, United States

Boston Code Camp 34

April 2023 Burlington, Massachusetts, United States

Jesse Liberty Liberty

Microsoft MVP, Xamarin MVP, Certified Mobile Developer

Acton, Massachusetts, United States