Jesse Houwing

Jesse Houwing

Making software development fun.

Maakt software ontwikkeling leuk.

Amersfoort, The Netherlands

MVP, Scrum trainer, Tech enthusiast, Tinkerer and depending on the topic sometimes called walking encyclopedia. Jesse helps teams organize their tools and the way to work together.

Microsoft MVP, Scrum.org trainer, technologie liefhebber, knutselt en experimenteert graag en dient als wandelende encyclopedie voor een breed scala aan onderwerpen. Jesse helpt teams om hun werk en tools zo op elkaar af te stemmen,


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Scrum
  • agile
  • Kanban
  • devops
  • Azure DevOps
  • Git
  • GitHub
  • Scrum.org
  • Agile Coaching
  • Software Development
  • Azure Pipelines
  • GitHub Actions
  • continuous delivery
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment

Agile is dead! Long live Agile!

You must have seen these items flow through your timeline:
- Agile is dead!
- Why we stopped doing Scrum
- SRE is the new DevOps is the new Full Stack Engineer is the new Developer
- Agile is not for: regulated industries, financials, healthcare...

Most of these carry a common theme... The people making these complaints never did or experience Agile in the first place.

Lets look at the elements of Agile that are often skipped and ignored and let's see if we can revive the projects and organizations that suffer from Agilitis-Opsfluenza!

Ohh Sh*t Git!

Git is the most popular source control mechanism for new projects, the standard in open source. It’s very powerful and allows you to do things you may not even aware of. Unfortunately, it’s also quite easy to put yourself into a situation where you’ll exclaim: “Ohh sh*t! Git!”. Let’s look at some common mistakes you may make and how to fix them.

Previously Delivered:
* Techdays 2017, The Netherlands
* Bergler Knowledge Night meetup, The Netherlands

When Scrum goes bad

Scrum is simple. It has 11 elements. 5 Events, 3 Roles and 3 Artifacts. But even though Scrum is simple, it is hard. Hard to do right. Daily Scrum's only on Tuesdays? A Sprint Demo? The team asking for approval from their Product Owner at Sprint Review... These are only a few of the ways scrum can get corrupted.

Let's scan out collective Scrum hard dive and run checkdisk /f on it to get rid of some of the bad sectors, rebuild some of the indexes and resolve the lost files.

Interactive session to discuss the Agile/Scrum issuer that the audience struggles with.

Previously delivered at:
* Techdays 2016
* Techdays 2017
* nlScrum Meetup

Preferred session duration: 60 minutes
Catchbox (https://catchbox.com/) or portable room mics preferred.

Upgrading to GitHub Enterprise

For years GitHub has been the home of all my small Open Source projects. And you get almost all Enterprise features for free. Companies can subscribe to GitHub's enterprise plan to get the same benefits for all their public *and* private repositories.

Recently Xebia went through this "upgrade" and we're in the process of enabling all enterprise features on all Xebia's organizations. Now you might think the process for this is covered in a simple wizard you next-next-pay-finish through, but it's not that simple.

In this talk Jesse will take you along the journey of taking 38 GitHub organizations, grouping them together using GitHub Enterprise and going through the process of enabling the Enterprise features on them and the creative workarounds to make this happen as smoothly as possible.

Target audience: GitHub Enterprise administrators, technical decision makers.
Preferred duration: 60 minute+

Properly secure your GitHub Actions

The GitHub marketplace contains 21500 Actions at the time I write this. Tomorrow it will probably be at least one more. Creating and publishing an action is a very simple process, which must have helped with the success of the platform, however, properly securing the repository against attacks isn't as easy as it seems and the first Action worm proof-of-concepts have already been demonstrated.

Do you own a GitHub Action? Do you use GitHub Actions? In that case, knowing how to properly secure your GitHub Actions environment is super important.

This session quickly covers GitHub Actions in general before exploring all the features GitHub offers to protect your actions from attack.

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