Jessica Mauerhan

McKinney, Texas, United States

Jessica Mauerhan

Software Engineer

Jessica is a software engineer who has been working with PHP and related technologies for over a decade. She enjoys mentoring fellow engineers in automated testing, test driven development, and quality code design. She lives in McKinney Texas with her family and loves coffee, comedy and podcasts.

Current sessions


There is a stereotype of programmers as being antisocial and difficult, and unfortunately many of us take on this attitude as if it comes with the job - but it doesn't have to be this way! I know it from experience, because I've been an angry, judgemental know-it-all, and I'm ready to tell you how I completely changed my attitude and refactored my life.

In this talk I'll explain how anger and fear are the root causes of our aggressive behavior, how these feelings manifest as judgemental comments online, bullying in the workplace and ultimately keep the tech community toxic and stunted. I'll show you how embracing compassion, respect, and empathy will make you a better programmer and a happier person.

Understanding Docker for Development

Docker is often lauded as a tool for deploying and running applications - but it's also extremely useful for your local development process. Whether you've never used Docker, or you've been using it for a while but aren't quite sure how it all actually works, this talk will give you an in-depth understanding of Docker and how to use it locally. We'll cover creating your own Dockerfiles, building, tagging and pushing images, running containers, networking multiple containers with Docker Compose and debugging your setup.

Building Letters for Livia: A Vue.js App in an Hour

When a friend texted me asking if I could build an app for him, I assumed he had a business opportunity in mind. Instead, he shared with me how a friend's daughter had just come out of a coma, and only had control of her eyes. They currently had no way to communicate beyond yes and no and were struggling to find a way to spell out words. Despite having barely used Vue.js before, I was able to build a very simple app to allow them to communicate words and feelings. In this session, I'll explain how I created the app and deployed it to Amazon, enabling them to use it about an hour after the request. We'll cover getting started with Vue.js using vue-cli, what extra tools you need as part of the JavaScript ecosystem to start developing simple apps like this one, and how to add tools and libraries and troubleshoot your JavaScript app.

Double Loop: TDD & BDD Done Right

Do you use TDD or BDD? Why not both? Come learn the "Double Loop" workflow and discover how you can use both Behavior Driven Development and Test Driven Development to write well designed, tested and documented code. In this tutorial, we'll create a small application using PHP, Postgres and Javascript (all in Docker), fully designed and tested with Behat and PHPUnit.

Effective Code Review: What to Say & How To Say It

Reviewing your peers' code is a critical part of working on a team - it helps prevent bugs and can give you understanding of parts of the application you haven't worked on. The key is knowing what to look for in a code review - and then communicating your thoughts in an effective way. In this session, we'll look at example PRs and practice reviewing them to get the best results.

SOLID In Practice

SOLID - a set of concepts for designing maintainable and understandable software - yet some of these ideas can be hard to understand themselves. Scholarly definitions and generic examples of these are often still confusing and not applicable to real world applications. By taking a look at an actual application, we'll explore these principles in action, and demonstrate the benefits of following them.