Jie Lu

Information & Communications Technology

Hawthorne, New York, United States

Jie Lu

Co-founder and VP of Research at L9 Analytics

Dr. Jie Lu has 15+ years of R&D experience in information retrieval, human-computer interaction, graph and network science, and behavior modeling. At L9 Analytics, Dr. Lu focuses on developing an advanced cybersecurity solution that integrates graph analytics, behavioral analytics, and machine learning to deliver high-efficacy cyber defense in enterprises. Prior to L9 Analytics, Dr. Lu was a co-founder and CTO of a Fintech startup for 2 years and a research scientist at IBM for 10 years.

Contact jielu@L9A.co or info@L9A.co.

Current sessions

AI-Optimized Alert Triage for Elastic Security

We introduce an AI-optimized alert triage application on top of Elastic Security. It automatically enriches and correlates alerts across rules of Elastic Security’s detection engine to assess the overall risk of every entity (e.g., host, user) in the environment, and prioritizes alerts accordingly. The triaged alerts are displayed within Elastic Security’s UI. The automation minimizes the need for manual correlation during alert investigation, which can significantly improve the productivity of security analysts. The application employs graph analytics and machine learning techniques, and dynamically incorporates analysts’ feedback to provide comprehensive alert risk assessment. Consequently, it reduces the amount of alert false-positives and the human effort on system tuning, enabling security analysts to focus their attention on alerts that may indicate real critical threats.