Jim Wilcox

Information & Communications Technology

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Merrimack, New Hampshire, United States

Jim Wilcox

The Granite State Hacker, Microsoft MVP, Architect with Insight Digital Innovation

As a lifetime coder, technical team leader, and trusted software industry-insider, Jim knows how to apply technology for your success, especially in the Microsoft tools space. Jim Wilcox is a front-to-back, edge-to-edge (full-stack, versatile role) software architect & engineering crafts-person with Insight Digital Innovation (formerly BlueMetal Architects) in the Greater New Hampshire Area. Jim is a 2x Microsoft Most Valuable Professional ("MVP") Award Winner for 2019 & 2020 in the category of Developer Technologies.

Current sessions

AI For Hire

If one is in a role where they're not learning or being creative, they're likely in a role that can (and maybe should) be automated. One's best option is to be a part of creating that automation. When titan organizations use AI as they do, no company can afford to ignore the AI edge. In this session, we'll talk about identifying use cases for AI, minimizing bias, and tools that enable us mortal coders to build solutions that were once the domain of data scientists. We'll focus on the range of tools available in Microsoft Azure.

C# and XAML in the Browser with WebAssembly

Web technologies are becoming ever more important, and WebAssembly is an open, standardized step in that direction. WebAssembly allows you to get the best of your favorite pre-compiled language (C#, in our case), and the best of the browser to produce first class applications. We'll make an introductory exploration of WebAssembly, full of amazing examples, and then build our own project in C# and XAML. Join Jim Wilcox, Senior Architect with Insight Digital Innovation (previously known as BlueMetal) and Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies for this great introduction.

Welcome to the Virtual Assistant Template + Teams

Retail, HR, Tech Support, Financial.... Need a professional chat bot for your customers and/or users, but don't know where to start? Start here. In this session, you'll be introduced to the Virtual Assistant Template, a Microsoft OSS project that enables you to kick-start an Azure Bot Framework-based ChatBot in minutes. Turn-key, Azure cloud-native, powered by Azure Cognitive Services, with full Azure DevOps support baked in. We'll spin up, build, test, deploy, and examine an original specimen instance in C# and .NET Core, with Visual Studio 2019 during this demo heavy session. We'll even look at integrating with Teams.
Join professional bot builder Jim Wilcox, The Granite State Hacker, to give your growing bot the head-start it deserves.

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