Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler

Developer Engineering @ OneSignal

San Mateo, California, United States

Jordan M Adler is the Head of Developer Engineering at OneSignal. Previously, Jordan evolved Engineering Productivity at Cruise, lead API Platform engineering at Pinterest, and was a Strategic Partner Engineer and Developer Advocate at Google, where he managed technical partnerships between major organizations and Google, and drove the evolution of developer ecosystems.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management


  • apis
  • Developer Experience
  • sdk
  • Developer Relations
  • Developer Tools

API Security Principles

It's important when builidng an API Server to have key security principles in mind. The service that powers your system ought to be secure.

Learn the core concepts of security as they relate to API Servers. Walk away with knowledge about encryption at rest and in transit, authn, authz, and auditing, and techniques for managing access.

Building Cross-Platform Frontends in Flutter

Are you looking to bring your app to market quickly? Flutter offers an excellent approach to building a GUI application and deploying it cross-platform. In this introductory session, learn how Flutter works, how to build with it, and the benefits of code sharing across frontends.

Follow along as we prototype a simple API-backed application and deploy to Web, Android, and iOS.

Designing an API for your SaaS

Designing an API is more than just knowing your nouns and verbs. Learn the myriad of factors to consider from an experienced practitioner.

First, we'll cover the history of "APIs", recent developments, and the path forward. Then we'll cover strategies for designing an API and lessons learned. Finally, we'll note the considerations for building an API designed for scale.

SEO for Web Developers

Learn more about Search Engines, how they work, and what steps you can take to improve the rankability of the websites you build. This session includes an overview of the space, practical tips for building, and a review of key tools to make your work more discoverable online. Leave with the confidence that any site you build can and will be optimized for Search Engines.

Generating API Client Libraries from OpenAPI Spec

Building Idiomatic API Client Libraries across multiple languages is hard. Maintaining them is doubly hard. Learn how we programmatically generate API client libraries from OpenAPI Specification files to optimize our time & value for API users.

Jordan Adler

Developer Engineering @ OneSignal

San Mateo, California, United States