Joachim Reiter

Information & Communications Technology

Java PostgreSQL SQL Microsoft SQL Server Core Java / Java SE

Graz, Styria, Austria

Joachim Reiter

founder of

Joachim Reiter develops since 1997 relational databases, automatic generation of input-forms, tables and queries including their relations. In the activity as software-architect he focuses on testability of algorithm as well as maintainability and re-usability of code and libraries. His main focus is set on implementing testable algorithms for web-applications written in Java with Maven and are also deployed on a self-hosted server.

Current sessions

Learning by writing code and test-cases

During development and writing test-cases you can improve your knowledge and learn a lot about

- JAVA-basics and language-specific features
- architecture/design of your project
- usability of your code and libraries
- wrong assumptions about how your code works

This talk takes you to a journey about how you can improve the quality of your code by developing basic test-cases first and try out a scenario beforehand. While doing this you can discover some nice features and unexpected restrictions of the JAVA-language.
We will have a look at some code-samples, the according test-cases written in JUnit 5 and explore impacts and possible solutions. We will also have a look at the limits of testability and reachability of a high test-coverage.

Past and future events

JCON 2021

5 Oct 2021 - 8 Oct 2021