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Joanne Klein

Joanne Klein

Microsoft 365 Independent Consultant

Regina, Canada

Joanne Klein is an independent Microsoft 365 consultant, a 6-time Microsoft MVP in M365 Apps & Services, and an Advanced Compliance specialist in the Microsoft suite of tools. Joanne works with her customers on planning and implementing information protection and data governance controls across their Microsoft 365 environments to address the unique challenges of today's modern workplace. She’s a firm believer that it’s not all about technology.

Joanne blogs about these areas with a focus on how to secure, protect, and govern information assets while minimizing end-user impact.


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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Compliance
  • Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint Online

CM105 - SharePoint Syntex: An AI Model Walk-thru

SharePoint Syntex is the first project released out of Project Cortex and is a significant step forward in providing the ability to intelligently identify content across your Microsoft 365 environment. Unstructured content is being produced at an exponential rate in our modern workplaces today and we need a way to manage it at scale by providing structure (content types and metadata) and governance (security and compliance controls) to it. 

To demonstrate this new capability, Joanne Klein will walkthrough a practical example of using a SharePoint Syntex AI document understanding model to intelligently identify Statements of Work across SharePoint libraries. The walkthrough will cover setup, training, and deployment.  

SharePoint Syntex. It’s almost magic.

ADM204 -Information Governance & Records Management in Microsoft 365: What to know before you start!

Based on my experience in the field with customers, I've come up with the key things you should have an authoritative understanding of before getting too far down the implementation path. Session will show real-world examples across the Microsoft Information Governance and Records Management tech with demos to support. Come to this session to find out what you need to know!

This session targets not only Records Managers and Information Governance specialists, but also the IT Administrators who may be tasked with implementing some of these compliance features.

A Primer on Retention Scopes inside Microsoft 365

This session will explain the concept of "scoping" retention policies and labels inside Microsoft 365 and how the new Adaptive scope feature can help your organization intelligently scale to meet your retention requirements. Understanding this capability is key to your overall Information Governance and Records Management strategy, program design and implementation.

To demonstrate the capability, Joanne will walk thru several practical use-cases and will highlight the technology dependencies to be aware of before starting down this path.

Communication Compliance in Microsoft 365 | Walk-thru and Guidance

Communication Compliance is part of the Insider Risk solution set in Microsoft 365. Its purpose is to monitor communication methods used both within and outside of the Microsoft 365 cloud to help identify insider non-compliant and risky communication. In the modern workplace today, communication methods are vast and varied and all can be a potential channel for non-compliance. The Communication Compliance tool has been purpose-built to help identify potential areas of non-compliance across these communication methods and remediation actions that can be taken depending on the severity of the activity.

To demonstrate this capability, Joanne Klein will walk through some examples of using both built-in and customized templates to monitor end-user communication methods found in a typical modern workplace. Like most tools in the Compliance space, it's always about more than technology alone, so Joanne will also cover some things you may want to have in place in your organization before implementing this tool.

A Walk-thru of Event-based retention in Microsoft 365

Records Management and the retention schedule they're part of are an important part of an organization's information governance strategy. The retention schedule is an established protocol for retaining information based on business, regulatory, legislative, legal, and historical needs of the organization. An important part of a retention schedule is understanding when a record's retention period should begin.

A common trigger point for starting retention is an event... an employee leaving, a project ending, a legal matter resolving, or a fiscal year ending are all common examples. To demonstrate this capability in Microsoft 365, Joanne Klein will showcase a common use-case for event-based retention... starting retention at the end of a fiscal year. She'll walk thru the steps required to do this from start to finish!

Like most features in the Compliance space, it's about more than technology alone, so Joanne will also cover some things you may want to have in place before implementing event-based retention in your own environment.

365 EduCon DC 2021

December 2021 Washington, Washington, D.C., United States

Joanne Klein

Microsoft 365 Independent Consultant

Regina, Canada