João Antunes

Information & Communications Technology

.NET Programming Architecture Design microservices distributed systems

Lisbon, Portugal

João Antunes

Code, headbang, grouch, repeat!

Hi! My name is João Antunes (but I’ll respond to Johnny or John, which is easier for non-Portuguese speakers).

I work as a software engineer, mostly with .NET technologies, but I like to play around with other tech as well.

My main interests are software architecture, design and development, with more focus on the backend but with a view of the whole stack.

I'm also a supporter of remote work, as I believe our industry is in a privileged position to provide the best work-life balance, skipping unneeded commutes and relocations.

Current sessions

Untangling the mess we're making out of OOP

Object oriented is one of the most broadly used programming paradigms. Problem is, most of the times, even if we use a primarily OO programming language, we're not really taking advantage of it or other useful paradigms and language features, ending up in a mostly procedural scenario.

In this session, I’d like to share some ideas to improve our code, making it easier to understand and maintain, taking better advantage of our languages’ capabilities, mixing paradigms as appropriate.

None of these ideas are new, but it seems we keep forgetting them and get back to the same old mess.

Presentation consisting on some slides and a lot of sample code.
Samples in C# but contents should be applicable across language/tech stack.
Ideal session duration 45-60m, but may be adapted to fit a smaller slot.