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Oceanside, California, United States

Joel Oleson

Director at Perficient, Microsoft MVP & RD

First dedicated SharePoint Admin, Architect of First Version of SharePoint Online, Office Apps and Services MVP, Microsoft Regional Director, Wedding planner, Funeral director, Traveler and Storyteller.

Current sessions

SharePoint spaces with Teams as an Interactive Virtual Lobby

SharePoint spaces is an incredibly immersive experience. It makes for a very interesting and engaging lobby for events. In this session we'll dive into creating a 3D Virtual lobby for your next Teams Live Event or Meetings. We'll walk through the creation experience with NO CODE.

Delivering Microsoft Teams Live Events

Microsoft Teams live events are broadcast events with Organizers, Producers, Speakers and Attendees. In this session we’ll compare and contrast meetings with live events. These are powerful for hosting large scale events with more than 10000 attendees. In this session we’ll look at Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon as a case study.

Teams First Approach to Microsoft 365

Teams is the Hub for Modern Teamwork. Rather than sending users into Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, etc... you should consider the Teams First approach to both deployment and consumption of Office 365 and Microsoft 365.

In this session we'll explore the integration of SharePoint, Email, OneDrive, Planner, Tasks, the Power Platform and how Teams is THE BEST WAY to use Office 365.

Preparing for Project Cortex

Project Cortex is one of the newest announcements from Microsoft. What is it? How can we prepare for it? In this session we'll dig into the promises and strategy for what Project Cortex brings to the table to turn traditional ECM on it's head. Project Cortex brings new ways to look at data, provides AI and machine teaching and provides ways of looking at structured and unstructured data in new light.

Microsoft Teams Governance & Compliance

Teams has been known as being tricky when concerning compliance. The data is stored in so many places! In this session we’ll drill into DLP, labels, classification, auto labeling and automation options in the various places your Teams data is stored across SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive, and things like wikis and OneNote. We’ll analyze the conversations and understand the key differences between 1:1 and 1:Many chats and channel conversations.

Microsoft Teams Architecture Under the Hood

Ever wonder about the mechanics of Microsoft Teams? Teams is the doorway to Office 365 with files in SharePoint, but what about the wiki and conversations and OneNote and the chat history? In this session we’ll drill into what gets stored where and drill into the limits of compliance in Microsoft Teams as we roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty.

Exploring Microsoft Search

The power of Microsoft Graph has been bringing great results to Delve and Office Search, but now this and more is accessible to your Internet searches in Bing, and Desktop search and coming soon to the Office apps. In this session we'll dive into search, bookmarks, integration and look at what is available today and take a look at the roadmap for tomorrow.

Past and future events

Modern WorkPlace Summit

8 Apr 2020
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Office 365 Saturday Redmond 2020

7 Mar 2020
Redmond, Washington, United States

Our 8th M365\Power Platform Chicago Suburbs

29 Feb 2020
Addison, Illinois, United States

Office 365 Saturday San Diego 2020

25 Jan 2020

SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities

14 Apr 2018

SharePoint/Office365 Saturday Utah 2018

3 Feb 2018