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Joel Oleson

Joel Oleson

Senior IT Manager @ Sony Interactive, PlayStation

San Diego, California, United States

Joel is all about the empowerment of Technology. His passions are Travel and Philanthropy. A seasoned IT and Marketing professional, with over 20 years in the high tech industry, Joel was the first Full Time Microsoft SharePoint Admin and Architect for first edition of Microsoft 365. He is recognized as a top industry expert and community leader. Awarded many times with Microsoft Ship it, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director. He and has a lasting legacy with 10+ years across Microsoft campus in Microsoft IT, Office Server Marketing, and

He is one of the world's most traveled people having visited over 200 countries. His travels have been featured on the Discovery Channel, NBC, National Geographic and over 30 million views to across his YouTube and Tiktok channels.

He is inspired to help others and inspire others to do the same, his passion for philanthropy has touched many lives including feeding families, helping kids with school fees and supplies in Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, Mexico, and youth in South Sudan. He hopes to organize more efforts to improve the condition of the world’s children with access to schools and reduce suffering and poverty.

He is currently working at Sony PlayStation as Senior IT Manager for Enterprise Productivity.

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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Travel & Tourism


  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Travel and Technology
  • Digital Transformation
  • Microsoft Viva
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Governance
  • Adoption
  • Modern Work

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Joel Oleson

Senior IT Manager @ Sony Interactive, PlayStation

San Diego, California, United States