John Dixon

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

John Dixon

Solutions Architect at AWS

John is a Solutions Architect at AWS, based in Munich. Formerly based in Detroit, Michigan, he has had roles with global automotive and software companies where system reliability was paramount. Today, John focuses on financial services clients in EMEA. When not working with serverless, IoT, and other things AWS, he is an avid (sometimes adventure) motorcyclist.

Current sessions

Deployment Automation for Serverless Microservices

In this session, we'll discuss techniques to deploy serverless microservices, including deployment pipelines, automated testing, canary deployments, traffic shifting and automated rollback -- all with the goal of improving the overall quality and reliability of mission-critical software. The discussion, demo, and accompanying walkthrough is based on tools in the AWS platform: CodePipeline, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, Lambda, API Gateway, and CloudWatch.