John McCormack

John McCormack

Senior DBA @ Docusign

Paisley, United Kingdom


I'm a senior DBA at Docusign. I've been working as a DBA since 2012 and I love it. I have worked on SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL MI and AWS RDS as well as other cloud and big data solutions. I hold the MCSE: Data Management and Analytics and I am an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • SQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure SQL Server
  • SQL Server DBA
  • sql server
  • aws

Unlocking Excellence: How to navigate enterprise challenges with top free community tools

The SQL community has a treasure trove of free, enterprise-grade tools that are essential for data management. This session shines a light on some of my top picks.

As a seasoned DBA, I'll guide you through a carefully curated list of incredible resources
- Real-time analytics, troubleshooting, and performance optimization
- Enhancing automation and boosting productivity
- Strengthening governance and implementing controls

I will demonstrate how they can streamline your workflow and notably elevate your professional value. Not to mention how to gain management buy in from sceptical bosses. These community developed tools aren't just about cost savings, many of them are best in class and cannot be beaten by paid products.

Join me to uncover how leveraging these free resources can not only enhance your capabilities and reputation, but also give you the confidence to manage large SQL estates.

This session is designed for DBAs and professionals managing SQL Servers or Azure SQL databases.

While the presentation may initially resonate with those accustomed to working within budget constraints, my focus is on showcasing tools that stand unmatched in the market — free or paid. My analysis is rooted in the belief that the free tools discussed, not only compete with but may exceed the capabilities of their paid counterparts.

This makes this session relevant for anyone seeking to enhance their database management toolkit.

Mentoring for Impact: Building High-Performing Teams

A truly successful engineer doesn't work in isolation, rather they help others grow to achieve their potential. This in turn leads to high performing individuals and teams.

"Mentoring for Impact: Building High-Performing Teams" is a session that draws from my experience as a senior individual contributor who has benefited hugely from mentorship, both as a mentee and a mentor. With personal guidance from industry veterans like Paul Randal and other key colleagues throughout my career, I have developed a powerful approach to empowering colleagues through mentorship and coaching.

In this session, I discuss my approach which is designed to assess, develop, and empower team members in a technology environment. Participants will learn how to:
- Evaluate skills and potential: Understand how to objectively rate colleagues in various areas crucial to their roles and the team's success.
- Follow a structured path: Discover a step-by-step mentorship process that includes show and tell, direct demonstration, observation, shadowing and ultimately, enabling the mentee to take the reins.
- Empower with Confidence: Learn how to guide mentees to a point where they can confidently demonstrate their newfound capabilities, ensuring a cycle of continuous growth and contribution to the team's success.

Join me as we explore how structured mentorship can transform potential into excellence, one team member at a time.

This session will teach participants how to create a mentorship program that helps individuals grow and teams excel. It's useful for anyone who wants to share their knowledge, providing practical advice and examples for making a positive difference through mentoring.

The Individual Contributor - How to progress your career without going into management

The best technicians and engineers do not necessarily make the best managers. Similarly, not all of the best managers were the best engineers. These are different skillsets and moving from one to the other is not the best choice for everyone. It may be that you don't enjoy the duties of managing people, or it may be that management is not best suited to your skillset or personality. No matter the reason, we will delve into how to keep your career moving forward, whilst staying on the path you choose.

In this session, I will show you how elevate your professional value in the workplace by becoming more effective, and how to ensure this is recognised. I discuss specific things that I have done to help me in my own career.

Whether you are looking for promotion, pay rise, job move or even just career stability, you will find practical advice on how to achieve that. This is not a tips and tricks session, it is designed to give you real tools and methods for achieving excellence in the workplace. It will help you learn how to genuinely add value to the organisations you work for, and for that to be acknowledged.

This is also a fun session for managers who are responsible for career development and succession planning. It may help them understand the different perspectives of their team members.

This session is aimed at ambitious individuals, and also existing managers. The aim is to help people become more valuable in the marketplace and have more options.

It also has a broader appeal to people just looking to enhance their skills and become a solid professional in their line of work, leading to career security by having desirable skills.

John McCormack

Senior DBA @ Docusign

Paisley, United Kingdom


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